Sunday, February 7, 2021

Enchanted Enthralled Enjoyed

Ugh, got up at 5:30 again this morning. Another long day, but I have a lot of pictures to sort through.

Friday, I finally convinced Bill we NEEDED to go see the statues in the Plazuela Machado. So off we went. He is so good to me! Or he just gets tired of listening to me whine. Was worth it - for me any way. 

The Plazuela Machado all decorated for a Carnival that won't happen.  The theme for the 2021 Carnival was to be "A Journey Through Time."

So instead of the statues along the Malecon like previous years the statues are smaller and are decorating the Plazuela Machado. I love them. 

"The decorations were made with elements that were part of Carnival in previous years.

In this way we commemorate 123 years of history of the maximum fiesta of the Mazatlecos. "

A Knight on a White Horse. And a hero who can slay dragons. What more could one want. I think I got a picture of every one of them. Can't wait to see them lit up at night. One of the white horses. 

A big bird with a little boy riding it. 

Same one from the back. 
So handsome and brave. 
Knight in shining armor on a white horse with wings. WOW . 
A fair maiden. 
Colors next to the gazebo.
Can't get a good picture of the gazebo. 
Another maiden. There were four of them. And today when we drove by the Machado we saw workmen carrying more maidens towards the Plaza. 
Another brave Knight and his horse. 
A gladiator in mid stride. 
A dragon. He has a shield under his foot. Perhaps from the Gladiator above. 
And yet another one. 
This display is three pieces in the rear of the gazebo. 
Hard to get a really good picture of it. Two half horses and a man defending himself. 

The back of the dragon. 

Another bird with a boy riding it. 

Sorry if some of these are repeats, I lost count. Enjoy them anyway.  Can never have too many knights, horses, gladiators and dragons. 

Hope to go there tonight, if it isn't too cold, to see them all lit up. Sadly we had to leave and go home. But not before enjoying the beautiful tree in bloom 
Out of fantasy and into the real world. I COOKED!  Again! Made the banana bread. It was/is delicious. A very good recipe I found on line. Used my hard to find loaf pans I got at WalMart Marina. Will get more next time we go there. 

Then for dinner I fixed fresh asparagus and cherry tomatoes in the air fryer. With parsley, onion, garlic and pervasion cheese. Yummy. 
And as if that wasn't enough also did some tiny red potatoes in air fryer. Again good. Olive oil, salt and pepper, garlic and chives. 

Wasn't that fun? I also got in 3500 steps. I know not many...


Ruth's Life is Good said...

WOW, those statues are impressive!! Thanks for the pictures.

Kathy Tycho said...

Thanks for the pictures! Not likely I'll see them in person so this was the next best thing.

Carol and Bill said...

Ruth - thanks, I took a bunch more pictures - only posted the good ones.
Kathy - I hope we can drive over there at night and get some pictures when no one is around.