Monday, February 15, 2021

The rest of Wednesday's ride

 Time seems to be passing slowly - waiting at home for different repair men etc. And yesterday to watch the Daytona race. A six hour rain delay. Wish I hadn't watched it. It is not a race it is a death waiting to happen. Terrible terrible wrecks yesterday. Amazing every one managed to walk way. Wish they would discontinue that race. It isn't even a real race, it is just cars in a row driving around the track until there is a big wreck. Enough...

So to continue our ride around town Wednesday,. Bill turned up Angle Flores were the colorful restored home raise over a hill. Even from this direction it is pretty. Especially with all the plants along the lower wall. 

Talking about plants. This one is beautiful - wonder how long it has been growing. 
Work continues on the three floor parking garage in Centro. I saw a car parked in it - wonder if part of it is open. Probably not as they are still working on the bottom floor in the back part. 
Another building getting some much needed TLC. Don't think I'd like to climb that middle ladder. I don't even like to get on a step stool any more. It is funny how you body says - go one climb up on it - but the mind says no no. 
A pretty little building. It has something to do with money Bill got change in there once. 
Well there is the Jeep parked in the mayor's private parking space again. So is someone else. 
He parks there so we can go to the bakery. Smells so good in there. I'll one of everything...
Look at that bread. Fresh out of the oven. 
Getting a few things. They have a nice little sitting/eating area set up for coffee and pastries. 
This is the mayor's building across the street from the parking spot. It has been completely remodeled.. Even the sidewalk and curbs have been painted. 
Several different coats of paint and several different signs on this old one. 
Remember the hotel I showed the sign for during the baseball tournament the cost was 825 a night. No holiday or event this weekend so only 550 a night. About US$28 a night. 
More flowers covering a wall of a housing development. 

I  mentioned we were having with the Jeeps doors not wanting to close. The mechanic came and took the inside panels off and fixed the mechanism. Guess it was they were just rusty and stuck. Just the passenger side doors. 

So that is taken care of. Tomorrow the RV is getting washed and waxed. It sure needs it. So we will probably go some where for part of the day. 

Cooked another really good dinner last night. BBQ pineapple chicken. BBQ sauce, pineapple juice and slices, chicken breasts. Keep that recipe. Also some squash and onions seasoned and cooked in air fryer. It is kind of fun to try new recipes. That one is a keeper. 

Waiting for the upholstery to be returned and that too will be finished. Hooray. 


Doug and Nancy said...

What a beautiful day! I am always amazed at the flowers and greenery, even after seeing it myself. Somehow it looks even better when we are sitting here, going no where fast.

Wouldn't it be great if they planted some of those flowers to cascade off the back wall of the RV park? Would almost make up for the jungle they took away!!

Have a great week!

Carol and Bill said...

I think they should paint a big mural there. He won';t even water our flowers over the summer while we are gone. Come back to most of the dead every year.