Friday, February 5, 2021

San Ignacio Part 1

Good grief both of us were up at 4:30 this morning. I had such a pain in my shoulder I couldn't lie still so that woke Bill up. He got up first, but I figured I might as well get up too. Going to be a LONG day. I see naps in the afternoon. 

Woke up to a beautiful day yesterday so decided to take a road trip to the town of San Ignacio. We took the blue route. About 130 miles round trip. We haven't been there for quite a few years. Going to break our trip up into a few blogs. We didn't do much walking around at it was 94 degrees there. Only got in 3300 steps. 

The big cactus are blooming. 
Turning off the old 15 towards San Ignacio. 
Herd of goats  beside the road. 
A pretty day for a drive. 

He has been busy.
She is selling radishes. They looked big! and good!

San Ignacio is a small town in the southern part of Sinaloa. The town is also known as San Ignacio de Loyola. It has a population of around 4600 people. The arch leading to the bridge heading into town. 

San Ignacio was founded by Jesuit missionary Diego Gonz├ílez de Cueto in 1633 and is one of Sinaloa's prettiest Colonial mission towns. Lots of French and Spanish architecture. 
We enter San Ignacio through its big welcome arch and cross the bridge over the Rio Ajoya.
It is a long bridge. 
A beautiful hotel just as we enter town. 
Typical entrance to  a town. Topes, lots of over head wires and an Oxxo. [Kind of like a 7 11] Notice the young guy sitting on the side of the truck. 
Making the turn into the main street of town. 
Busy street. Lots of homes and businesses. 
Kind of a hardware store. Cleaning supplies, roof top water tank. 
This is an extremely clean town. Would have loved to just strolled the streets. But not this time, besides the Covid it was also in the mind 90's. Three steps out of car and I was HOT. There is a museum there that used to be a monastery. I did see it as we passed it. . 
This is a small alley that was all decorated for Carnaval. wish I'd been able to get a picture of the whole alley. 
Just driving towards the big church and plaza. I like the  lamp posts. And as always the high sidewalks and colorful buildings. Except for all the cars driving through town is like stepping back in time. 
Across from the plaza. A Christmas tree still up. 
A very old home, built when the town was founded. Members of the original family still live here. Last time we were here they were sitting on the porch and Bill talked to them for a while. 
The side of the house.
Looking at the church from the street. 

Looking at the statue from the church. 
The church San Ignacio de Loyola. Built in the 16 and 17 hundreds. A rope to pull the bells. 
The front of the church. 
The bell tower. Besides the bells they also play music around the hour and half hour. They were playing the Ava Maria while we were there. A little bit of it in a video. Too bad sound wasn't better. 

Inside. Some of the seats in the pews are marked do not sit here. And there are circles on the floor six feet apart. The floor is tile. 
The gazebo in Constitution Plaza
Couldn't resist.

Getting back in the car and heading up to the Cristo de la Mesa statue. Click here to view full screen. 

There is a narrative with it. You might notice there is sound in the background of my voice. Some how the audio on the dash cam got turned back on. Can hear the cobblestones as we drive over them but not much else. 
The next part will be mostly from the statue area. Working on drone video of the town. 


Mark said...

Was a great day for sure. Thanks for taking me there.

Kathy Tycho said...

One of our favorite places. Eric loves those radishes and we always stop to buy some. Great tour..thanks!

Carol and Bill said...

Our pleasure Mark Maybe one more road trip before you leave
Kathy - I though of Eric when we passed the radishes. But didn't think to stop and get some.