Saturday, February 27, 2021

We are home and our home coming wasn't happy

 So any way...we stayed an extra day in Amado because Thursday was going to be very windy. And it was so glad we stayed. Yesterday we made it to 
Quartzsite and there was no wind at all. A very nice drive. This morning we left Quartzsite at 7:30. Nice day, no wind. Until we got to Havasu City. Then the wind really picked up. Thank goodness the road from the I-40 to Las Vegas is a good and once in Nevada a wide road as the wind was pushing us around. We got to Vegas about 11:30 AZ time 10:30 Nevada time. Stopped at market to get some food to eat today.  I just put in a huge order for Walmart to deliver tomorrow morning. 

So why am I - are we - so unhappy. Well while we were gone a family took up residence in our home. From the amount and distribution of TURDS it was/is a big family. YES - I think mice from the size of the poops, or maybe rats. My first clue was the stuffing on the floor under Bill's recliner. The more we looked the more we found. Just about every room has some sign of them. Every cupboard in the kitchen has to be cleaned and every thing either thrown away or washed. They were IN OUR BED ON MY NICE CLEAN SHEETS!!!! So right now the dishwasher and the washing machine are going full force. I have several of the drawers and lower cupboards in the kitchen empty and cleaned and Lysoled - good thing we brought a bunch back with us. Trying to get most of the poop cleaned up before we track it around. 

Before noticing our visitors we had emptied the refrig and freezer in the RV. And brought in the important stuff, electronics, paper work etc. Now it - the RV - is just sitting there - too busy in here to go out there. Some day this will be funny but it sure as hell isn't now.  So I'd best quit writing and get to cleaning. 


Mark said...

Very glad you made it home safe and sound. But I feel your pain on your unwanted house guests.

Marla Terry said...

Glad to hear you made it safe and sound🤗. Sorry to hear of your "squatters". They can be so pesky and such a chore to clean up after. Take care 🤗

SandyM said...

Oh sorry you came home to this but so great you had a safe drive home. There is a blessing in all this as you came home early and caught the little squatters.

Grandma on the Road said...

Sounds like that was more than one family!! Like a whole neighborhood.

I can imagine the mess you have to clean up. Next time, you might want to leave a bunch of traps around and get someone to check your house once a week to get rid of the bodies. One thing that works nicely is leaving out a five-gallon bucket or two with some birdseed or food in the bottom. The critters get into the bucket, but can't get back out. Or maybe some of those traps where you don't have to see the mice when you dispose of them!

Kathy Tycho said...

Last year, our first winter in our new Mazatlan house we had a rat and it, by itself made a huge mess. I too washed all the bedding, all the cupboards all the dishes etc., etc. Not funny at all. It chewing the toilet seats trying to get water. The maintenance guy here set traps and eventually got it stuck in a back sink drain that it had come up. Actually came up the drain and chewed it's way out and into the house. Last summer Rafael was on duty. Poured bleach down the drains once a week. No rat this winter. Sorry you had to come home to that.

Janet said...

Certainly not the welcome home you expected! Ugh, nothing worse than rodents, just creepy. Feel your pain regarding the clean up, so much to do just unloading.

Carol and Bill said...

Mark - glad to be home, but could have done without the mess.
Marla - makes me want to NEVER travel again. wore me out cleaning. Just finished the RV today - unloading that is, not cleaned - next week maybe.
Sandy - luckily we stayed hunkered down the day the wind was so bad, but did catch some high winds just before getting to Nevada state line. But the mess in the house was disheartening to say the least. Put RV back today, without cleaning it.
Judy, dont know if I'd rather have the mess then dead animals. We'll see what we do next year. Maybe I'll never leave again.
Kathy - You don't realize how much crap/stuff you have in cupboards until you have to empty them all and wash everything. Just finished last dish and washer loads today - Monday. No idea how they got in.
Janet - makes me not want to leave ever again. And with all the virus crap it wasn't that great of a winter either. Oh well.