Saturday, February 20, 2021

Saturday Morning - On The Road Again

Yep, we will be on the road in a few minutes. Everything done except the WIFI disconnected. We will be heading towards home. First stop should be in Los Mochis at the truck stop. So will not have any WIFI until the next day when we arrive in San Carlos. Will catch things up then. Looks like it will be good driving weather - not too hot and not too windy. expect uneventful day. Hope I didn't jinx us with that statement. At least the worse roads will be over today. From then on pretty much new smooth roads. Don't know if the toll booths are open or not. I have read that the open ones have raised their prices quite a bit. Lovely. 

If we decide to stop at the truck stop in San Carlos you won't hear from us until we are back in the USA in Amado, AZ. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with us. We just decided to go home early. If we paid another months rent it would take us to March 20th. Which is later than we usually stay. This year has not been as fun or interesting as past years. Only a couple of our friends are here. Most are still in Canada. We don't want to go to a lot of places we usually go to because of Covid and crowds. It has been much cooler here this year than before. By five thirty or six the wind has picked up and the temperatures really drop. Even I get cold. The furnace or little heater runs every evening and all night. Only been out one night to the Plazuela Machado and we went early. Never saw our friend who plays the music there as it was just too cold to be comfortable sitting outside. Our TV isn't working right - we got spoiled the last couple of years having TV to watch at night.  

No real outstanding reason, just little things. Also  want to get home to get the vaccine. 

Mazatlan is doing a great job of controlling the Covid. Most places we have gone all protocols are in place. But we were very careful where we went. 

When we get home we will probably miss being here. But there is always next year. 

Will write again when we have Internet. 


Mark said...

Safe travels my friends. It was wonderful spending time with you two again this year. And yes there is always next year. I'm planning on coming back. Thanks for allowing me to be your captured tourist once again.
Love and respect

SandyM said...

Traveling Mercies all they way home to Las Vegas. Have so enjoyed all your blog posts this “season”. Thank you so much.

Doug and Nancy said...

Glad to hear everything is okay. Travel safe friends.....let's hope we can get together next year!!

Carol and Bill said...

Thanks all. We are in Los Mochis in truck stop, internet is kind of working. Did 244 miles in 5 hours. Set for tonight.

Janet said...

Safe travels for your journey home! We enjoyed our Mazatlan winter with you. A great change from the wind and rain!

Ruth's Life is Good said...

Safe travels home and welcome back to the US.

Carl said...

Safe travels Carol and Bill. Thanks again for all your videos, pictures and blogs.Having the US. , Canada border closed this year was a pain, but it was great having you keep us up to date on your winter in Mazatlan. I was very envious. Maybe this fall things will be as they should be,....whatever that means. Take care

Carol and Bill said...

Janet, Ruth and Carl. We are glad you enjoyed our some what quiet winter months in Mazatlan. We too hope next year will be a whole lot better for every one. We missed seeing a lot of our friends. We missed going into the Central Market, the malls and the fabric store. We missed seeing all the vendors we usually see and some of our Mazatlan friends. It was a nice, but kind of sad year there.

Dirk Digler said...

Greeting. Wow. The days go slowly and the seasons fly by. Thank yiu again for taking us all along with you. Your pictures were outstanding. I’m with your every post. Best wishes to you both. Smiles to you. Dirk