Monday, February 22, 2021

Los Mochis to San Carlos, with a tour of the city dump.

We were up bright and early Sunday morning. All the trucks were in a hurry to start and get on the road. We each had our wake up coffee and something to eat. Then buttoned up the RV and got on the road about seven thirty. It was an interesting drive. I like this part of the country, just after leaving Los Mochis. I think it is peaceful looking. 

The last toll booth in Sinaloa. Yes it collected full toll. 
Just the clouds in the sky. Thought they looked interesting. 
A truck load with fruits and vegetables. Don't know what was in the crates, but watermelons in front of the crates and pepper in the back. 
Still in Sinaloa just before crossing the state line. Slow down. 
The Military Checkpoint before crossing out of Sinaloa. Have always been waved through. This year we got stopped by a young soldier.  He didn't speak and English and was upset Bill did not speak Spanish. He kept telling Bill, in Spanish that he needed a souvenir or and he pointed at the area where vehicles were pulled over being checked. Bill kept telling him in English, he didn't know what he wanted. Soldier became more insistent and pointed to check point again. Finally we gave him 20 pesos and he walked away and we drove on. So just be aware - like I said it never happened before in 12 years.
Speaks for itself. Check out the road. 
And the road? continues...
Going into the Agriculture Inspection in Sonora.  GO SLOW!  We have always had someone come in here and look in the refrigerator. This time we were just waved through after saying we had no fruit.
Looks like he is carrying gasoline in plastic containers.
Toll booths in Sonora are not open for tolls, just donations. Except the on on the Obregon Bypass it is open toll was 334 pesos for motorhome and Jeep.
Watch for horses and cattle and goats beside the highway.
Waiting for a bus or just resting in his walk along the highway. 
Out for a Sunday drive. 
The price of fuel in Navojoa. We actually got though TWO green lights in a row. A record for us. 
Stopped at a red light - guy washing windows. Low overhead for him, a bottle of water and a rag. One or two cars per light and he does okay for the day. 
Between Navojoa and Obregon. They were sand blasting the dotted white line???

The bypass is well marked and was not busy. As I mentioned toll was collecting full toll. Just off the bypass north of city there is a road block by rest area.
When I say roadblock, it is not completely blocked and they will let you through. We gave 20 pesos, guess they weren't happy with that as one of the guys banged with his fist on the motorhome as we passed him. 
Going into the lovey town of Vicam. Again with the donation.

And then through the town. They should pay the motorists for having to drive through it. The video has sound - added music to try to block our voices. Forgot my camera recorded sound. 
Finally out of Vicam and back onto the nice concrete highway.
Another group with their hands out. Just drove by. 
Entering Estacion Oroz - there are FOUR big topes there. But they are marked - just as you get to them. 
If I was that truck I'd quit running too. Poor thing. 
No idea about this, just before Guaymas bypass. Just drove on through. 
So now the fun part. Toll booth just before end of bypass was open for donations. We wanted to go to San Carlos so were watching for a turn off. Saw a rather directional sign and obviosity misread it.
Here is the road heading north just before the big gas station. See the little strip of concrete road to the right. The sign is just above the G in Guaymas.

This is the way we should have gone up past the station and then right through the station area and then another right heading towards San Carlos. 
This is the way we went! We took the little concrete road, then the dirt road - too steep to get back up on to the correct road so turned right and went sight seeing at the city dump. Un hooked got turned around and went up over the toll road through the gas station and on our way. I haven't driven in quite a while, so was fun for me. 

Looking back now I can't believe we were that _____  fill in the blank. 
So here we are visiting the dump. Another story to add to an ever growing list. 

Got to San Carlos without further problems. Parked and went to the beach restaurant for fish and chips. Another story for later. 
So we left Los Mochis at 7:30 - even with our detour we got to San Carlos one o'clock. Did 239 miles. Total for tolls and "donations" US dollars 15.
Will post again this evening or early tomorrow morning as we will be heading to the US tomorrow. 

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