Saturday, February 6, 2021

San Ignacio Part 2 Cristo de la Mesa

 The second part of our San Ignacio trip.  This kind of takes up where the last one ended. Except this first part includes photos from our drive up to the statue. Old old wall slowly crumbling away. 

The older gentleman we stopped to ask directions of. He really wasn't sure what Bill was asking for. 
The pick up truck heading for his spot to set up his "pop up" restaurant.  The guy is holding on to the umbrella and a rope. 
Going through one of the narrow cobblestone streets. 
Colorful buildings and fancy lamp post. And the ladies we kept going by. 
All the way up the hill. The SAN IGNACIO sign, but hard to take a picture of it from the front. 
Looking down on the city from the area of the statue. 
I did get a decent picture of the sign. Had to sit on a little wall and lean way backwards. Not a comfortable position for me. 
Again looking down over the town. Lots of mountains in the distance.
Quick look at the Cristo de la Mesa. 
Some info about it. This Monument to "Christ the Redeemer" is located on an elevated site on the plateau of the municipal seat of San Ignacio de Loyola, San Ignacio, Sinaloa, Mexico and, due to its religious significance and popularity, has become an icon of throughout the region since 2005, the year its construction was completed. It is located in the highest part of the municipal seat and is 20 meters high."

There is a small chapel under the statue but it is closed for repairs.

More pictures of the statue.

The sun was just in the right place.
Hum... what are they doing I wonder?
Can you see the drone?  Just below the branch. 
Except for the heat - it was 94 degrees up here - it was a perfect day to be here. 

The videos from Bills drone. Some music background if you want to turn on your speakers. Click here to view full screen on first video, Just click on second video and you can go to full screen.  A view of the area, town and statue. He is using his Mavic Pro 2 Zoom. There was a good wind, but it didn't seem to bother the drone that much. 

Continuation of drone video. It is easier for me to work with shorter videos. 

Heading back going down the hill into town and heading towards home.
Just some pictures of the town. 

I think we should have turned there...

Okay - we for sure should have turned somewhere. Lots of one way streets in this town  and we just found one.  I'm working on a video of our ride out of town. 
Past the hotel leading to the river bridge. 
Over the bridge.
A small chapel in one of the towns we went through.
Can't take a ride in the country without some cattle.
What a great day. Very interesting town with a lot of history. Only got in 3300 steps though. Too hot for me. 
I am working on a video from the dash cam of our leaving town. Will post it when it is done.. 
So here it is - kind of long but shows a lot of the town. Including about half way through when we were going the wrong way on a one way street. Had to stop and wait for a couple of guys in their vehicles stopped in the street. They were probably thinking - dumb Gringos. 
As usual click here to see in full screen. I added music. So if you don't want the noise, keep your speakers off.

And that was our neat trip to San Ignacio. 

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Jackie McGuinness said...

Looks like a great town to visit.