Friday, February 12, 2021

Magical Mazatlan at Night

The rest of our magical Monday evening in Mazatlan. Please forgive some of the fuzziness in some of the pictures. I was taking them from a moving car through a dirty - very unusual - windshield. Enjoy any way. This is why we love being here. All but the last three were taken in the Historic Center of town. No comments, just pictures. 

We got our back cushions for both the couch and dinette from the upholsterer yesterday evening. They look great. And he now has the frames to recover. Should have them by Monday at latest. And the mechanic is coming today to try to figure out why the back passenger door on the Jeep doesn't always want to close. Trying to get everything done. And then we discovered our toilet is leaking. Bill says it is clean water - I can only hops. RV tech will be here this afternoon or for sure tomorrow morning. One thing after another. But easier and less expensive to fixed here then home. 


Doug and Nancy said...

Beautiful pictures and they all look like you are the only one in town!!

Looking forward to getting our couch and dinette recovered when we get to Maatlanz next year. Guess you will have to come otherwise we won't know who to call!! :-)

Have a beautiful weekend kids!

Janet said...

Wonderful photos! Like the theme they used this year. Must be tough for the vendors, restaurants,Etc with so few tourists.

Carol and Bill said...

Doug and Nancy - it is strange here this year. Unless there is something going on there is no one here. Especially at night. And it is cold - well for here - The ones who live here are all bundled up in winter clothes.
Raphael called the upholsterer for us. Jorge is his name.
Janet - People who rely on the gringo trade are really hurting. but the nationals show up every weekend for the warm beach weather.