Friday, February 19, 2021

Friday Taking care of problems

 Not a great title, but then we didn't do anything to really write about. 

Wednesday I went on line to Walgreens drug store near where we live and checked on availability of vaccine. I could have made an appointment for today. So guess we shouldn't have a problem when we get home with getting it. 

Also playing with USPS trying to get our mail changed to come to our home again. I think I finally got it done. They have new and improved their web page since last year. Last year zip zip and I had it done. This year...well lets say it took me several tries and two days and I'm not sure it is done. 

Had to laugh saw this on line - some one who lives where we used to live in Indiana talking about the roads during this storm.  "Hoover Road is slicker than two hogs covered in Crisco on a stainless steel disco floor dancing to the Bee Gees." Quite a mind picture.

Yesterday was a day of rearranging cupboards, putting things back where they belong and trying to make sure they don't rattle when driving. Also cleaned the inside of the windshield, done until the sun comes through it this afternoon and I can see how bad of a mess I made cleaning it.

We also went to WalMart to pick up some things we like from here that we can't get at home. got a bunch of I Can't Believe it Not Butter - the taste is so much better here then what we get at home. Also bought a couple of cases of 8 oz shelf stable milk (the 8 oz size is hard to find at home and a lot more expensive if you can find it.) And several cans of Dulce de Leche - it is about 1/8th the price here for the same thing at home. Also got a couple cartons of Haagen Dazs dulce de leche ice cream. More expensive then at home but a better taste and can only fine it once in a while at home.

But before going there we drove up the road to Cerritos to see how the bike path is coming. Already starting to pave it. Starting at north end and coming south.

I guess next step will be painting it and I hope some landscaping.
Leveled and gravel on it. Forms for cement laying on the sides. 
This particular part of the center area is beautifully landscaped. Always see photographers there taking pictures of  brides and birthdays. Now there will be the bike path right in the middle.
Here are some pictures from home. There was another big fire in The Wetlands behind where we live. According to the paper it burned 45 acres.

Glad they kept it contained to the park. Must not have been any wind that night. 
Today we are waiting again for the RV Tech. Bill discovered our fresh water tank wont hold water. Turned out it was a more complicated fix then we thought. All caused by the blow out we had a couple of years ago. But all is taken care of now. Thanks Eric. 

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Kathy Tycho said...

Well, safe travels maybe next winter you'll stay longer if you can get out more. Hope the weather in Vegas is decent.