Tuesday, February 9, 2021

The rest of our day Saturday.

 This basically continues our time in Centro on Saturday. We left Olas Altas and drove towards the look out point by the harbor. More of the building with the neat tile roof. 

Got to the look out point and it was FULL. Never seen this many cars there before. Just passed it by. 
Going past the Plazuela Machado. I know you've already seen these guys. But had to take another picture. 
Up a street we haven't gone up for a long time. I was just curious about how it looked. Some pretty homes/buildings there. 

This is a restaurant. We've never eaten there. It used to be the city's cistern!
The black poles are to keep people from parking there. Very effective. But makes the street even narrower. 
Want some rental property in Mazatlan. This is for sale. A little TLC and who knows...built in the 1930s maybe. No idea. 
More traditional homes. 
OH BOY, look at that. Haven't seen them before. So Bill took us around the couple of blocks to get back to them. 
Had to go around several blocks due to the one way streets. Just interesting. Doesn't take much to amuse me.
Almost missed this one. How can they do this with spray paint? 
Under construction or abandoned? 
Here we are. Just enjoy. A seal, a crab, a seagull and a shipwreck. Do you see more. 

Still just driving around. 
On a random wall. 
Finally a decent picture of this doorway. Turned it into a piece of art - in my opinion. 
Same building. 
Continuing on home. There were enough tourists in town that the divers were out. 
This is a huge old hotel. It will never reopen. It is on a huge piece of property on the Malecon. I shudder to think what someone will eventually build there. Mazatlan is turning in Miami.  Thank goodness the Centro Historico is protected. 
Just a look at the well manicured and maintained, so far, center divider along the Malecon.
We watch the prices of this hotel by Valentinos. Its regular price is 550 a night. When there is something going on in town, like this weekend with the baseball its prices go up. This is the highest we've seen. 
Some of the colorful painted sidewalks in the golden zone. 
And then on home. 
We are talking about when we will head home. A lot depends on how the weather is going to be here. Doesn't seem to be getting any warmer.
Sunday except for going to WalMart for some groceries and a set of aluminum loaf pans - got the last ones - we did nothing to write about.  
Have decided when we will be leaving. But depends on getting some work on RV done. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

We've eaten in that restaurant, nothing great.
Love the bird mural.
Tell Bill we have an extreme cold weather alert!

Kathy Tycho said...

Love the art graffiti! It was the most beautiful,warm, non windy day on the beach yesterday. The tide was way out and walking was just wonderful. It will warm up!