Saturday, February 13, 2021

Unexpected visit to El Quelite

Up in time to see the weird sunrise on Thursday. Lots of dark clouds tinted orangy red. Turned out to be a beautiful day. No clouds and in the low 70's here by the ocean. 

We decided spur of the moment to visit El Quelite for the final time this year. We picked up Mark and headed out. It was Thursday and we got an early start so hoped we'd be able to go to the restaurant for breakfast. Always have to take a picture of the colorful arch. 

As we went inland the temperature went up some. I think this house has just been painted.
Looks like road workers at home, one guy down in the hole digging and the rest standing there watching him. 
There were a lot of cars parked along the street but not as many as the other times we've been here. Passing the produce truck waiting for the house wives to come buy. 
Bill even managed to find a parking place right on the main road across from the restaurant. There were a lot of vendors getting set up. 

We also managed to find an isolated table. About half of the tables that used to be in the outside part of the restaurant have been removed. We got our drinks and ordered. Then we were brought all the food that you get with your meals. Fruit, salsas, chips, gorditas, cheese, and little bowls of  creamy cheese and creams. 

We all had scrambled eggs with ham. He came right up to us to beg. 
Joined by a friend. The friend was very noisy. 
After we finished eating I just walked around the restaurant taking pictures of what ever caught my eye. There is so much to see. This part of the restaurant is outside, shaded by huge trees.  A doorway leading to the upstairs part. 
Closer look at the doorway. Mural on the wall behind it. 
A look at the mural. 
A skull in a tree. No matter you look there is something to see. And it seems that more things are added all the time. 
Bill and Mark waiting for the check.
All sorts of stuff on this tree. And somehow it looks like it belongs there. Nothing looks junky. 
A favorite picture taking spot for the diners. 
The back room with the really pretty real looking mural. There didn't used to be a table there. 
I don't ever remember seeing this guy before.
Don't remember seeing these before either. Behind them is part of the upper eating area. 
Happened to notice these guys tucked away in a tree. 
Another little room. It's roof is a huge bougainvillea. 
Same little room. 
Same room, see the bougainvillea. 
As you can probably tell we love going to this restaurant. Such a neat atmosphere and so many things to see. Thursday it was a little too cool for the iguanas to be out in the trees, so I didn't have to keep looking up. 
Finished eating and outside in the side street where the horses wait for riders and many vendors were set up. 
These hats are every where for sale. Notice the blouses hanging in the back. Used to be they were all hand embroidered, now almost all of them are machine embroidered.
However - I spotted this blouse and went over to take another look at it. It was ALL HAND EMBROIDERED.  Front and back. A work of art. We were talking to the vendor and he was showing us the work on it. Amazing. It was also expensive for here US$90. To buy it in the US it would be 50 times that. 
Another look at it. 
Bill and Mark at looking at some wood and plexiglass banks. They all have a design and words telling what they are saving the money for. 
This one says "For the Boobies"  Yep. Even here. 
Buying me a mask that I thought was pretty. 
The El Quelite sign has been refurbished. Looks good now. 
The guy in the vest is directing cars to parking spots. More people were here when we left. Glad we got there early. 
All the little stores in the homes were open for business. 
And yes, I got a hat. Couldn't resist this one. US$15. and an embroidered - machine - mask. 
A fun morning. And it was a lot warmer there then it is in Mazatlan.  Glad we went. 

Yesterday the mechanic came over to work on the Jeeps door handles. They were getting touchy and not wanting to work right. Turns out the mechanism was so rusty it just didn't want to work any more. All cleaned up and working fine. 

Today we wait for the RV tech, cause our toilet started leaking - He came early and it turned out to be a very easy fix. Costs us 300 pesos - US$ 15. And maybe the upholsterer will bring the dinette fames back, or maybe not until Monday. There is a soccer game on and some racing if it quits raining in Daytona...


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