Thursday, February 18, 2021

Finally made it to one of our favorite restaurants.

Tuesday morning we left early, going to make another try to get into one of our favorite restaurants. Wow, even found parking in the street right across from the restaurant. There were not many people there, only two other tables and we got outside seating. Just pictures of the patio. This restaurant looks like at one time, a long time ago it was a home. It was built around a patio. With rooms off of all sides. The interior of the restaurant is broken up into several rooms off the main room. From our table in the patio. 


The tile around the table. Beautiful. Where Bill and I were sitting  - it was a seat made of these tiles. Kind of cold to sit on at first.
More of the patio. Lots of plants and decorations. 
Where we were sitting. 
Tiles around the windows. 
A beautiful fountain pool in the patio. 
Inside the main room of the restaurant. More tiles.
The massive wooden beams in the ceiling with painted accents. 
Stained glass window at the back end of the main eating areas. 
Beautiful fireplace in main room. Tile and carved wood. 
Another look at the ceiling. 
And the fireplace. 
A smaller room. This is where you enter. A chain across the door so the receptionist can take your temps and give you sanitizer and check your masks. I like the wall texture. 
So do we go to this restaurant for its d├ęcor - NOPE for its CREPES! The restaurant is La Antigua and we go for the scrumptious crepes. In fact we went back Wednesday morning because I forgot to take a picture of the crepes. Well, and maybe we wanted more. This is a banana, cream cheese, caramel, walnut and whipped cream crepe! I ate the whole thing. It is a very big crepe, stuffed then folded in quarters. Amazing. Sure glad we made it there. If you go after 9:30 you can't get in. The second time we went we ate in one of the small rooms only us in the room. 
The outside of the restaurant. An upper floor window. 
The entrance door. 

Tuesday the RV got washed and waxed. Sure looks pretty clean. 
Rafael washing it. Bill enjoying the fresh air. 
The mural on the hood is usually kept covered when parked, I forget how intricate it is. 
And Pablo, the great mechanic, came as soon as he could. We put in an emergency call to him on the way home Tuesday because the Jeep was acting funny. Both Bill and Mark figured it was fuel starvation. Any way Pablo was there within the hour and diagnosed a bad fuel sensor. Fixed and now good. 
Back to Centro Wednesday to go to restaurant again. Don't ever remember seeing this building. Nice looking. 
I waited in the car while Bill and Mark went into the bakery to get goodies. This is one of the many street cleaners in downtown. They do a good job in keeping the streets clean. 
Going to the restaurant we went past some murals I've never seen before. 

After eating and heading home we went past the artful door. It was open! Looking in side, roof is gone and trees are growing inside.
I wonder if someone is going to fix it up and use it for something? Hope so. 
Stopped at grocery store on way home and picked up some items we want to take home with us. Rest of day quiet at home. Today need to do some rearranging and window cleaning. 

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