Tuesday, February 23, 2021

San Carlos

 One of the first things we did after arriving in San Carlos was go to La Palapa for lunch. Three orders of fish and chips. Although the waiter heard three orders of fish tacos. Nope don't think so. No problem got our Fish and Chips - Bill always eats two orders. Sitting where we could see the beautiful ocean. 

Then we went home and set up the RV for living. And/or napping.  Kind of nice sunset last night. But not as spectacular as some of them here have been. Cloud formation kind of looks like a big bird. 
Because it was Sunday there were a whole lot of people in town, today it is empty. More sunset.
It got freaking cold last night. I woke up with my feet and legs cramping. We had the little heater running but it didn't help much. Bill got up about four thirty and turned on the furnace, by then we were both awake. So got up too and stayed up. Tonight the quilt is staying on the bed! And I might turn on the electric blanket!
Started to get out the paper work for crossing the border tomorrow and OMG OMG where are our passports. Not where they should of been. Or where they could have been! Blood pressure rising as we looked in every drawer and cupboard. Not any where. Finally  I got a niggle in my head. We had to show them to someone in Mazatlan and because we had to go somewhere I stuck them in a safe place. They were safe all right I couldn't find them. All is well, remembered where the safe place was and there they were. Phew! Enough excitement for the day. 
So Bill suggested we get out and go for a ride and lunch. We did. My heart rate and blood pressure have returned to normal. 
Different groups and businesses have claimed parts of the center divider and decorated and maintain them. Just a couple quick pictures. 
This group really got into it. There is a bench for sitting and a wishing well along with the plants and planters.
The pretty scenery on the way to the look out point. 
Ocean and hills. 
The other side of the mountain that is in all most all of the sunset pictures I take here.
Strict rules for going out to look around. Including time limit. 

They did a really nice job building this after the old one was destroyed by a storm. 

Must be siesta time. At first I thought he was a new sculpture. Until he moved.
There are several dolphins here. A city wide project. On the way down I took pictures of all of these. But they are pretty enough to take more pictures. I like the bicycle rim stand on this one. 

The rest of these I haven't taken pictures of. They are on the main street, so can't stop and take good pictures. Just slow down some.

Then we went to lunch on the beach. Really on the beach this time. Out in the sand. It was about 75 out.

Bill had his fish and chips - only one order this time. But for dessert he had a crepe with butterscotch and walnuts and ice cream. I helped him eat it. 
I had a fish taco. They looked good the day before so ordered one. Pretty good, except I don't really like the taste of tortillas. 
And back at the RV park. Will leave tomorrow morning for  USA. 
Next post will be from Arizona.
We are in Arizona, no problems at border. will post tomorrow. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Love all the dolphins!

Carol and Bill said...

I sure hope they keep them up. And keep adding to them. We are in Arizona now. 10 minutes to cross border, fastest ever.