Monday, February 27, 2017

A black and white sunrise - but colorful evening

I didn't get out of bed today until 8:00, very unusual for me.But then I didn't go to bed until midnight. Today we have to go back out to Cerritos to see if the storekeeper got the purse I ordered. And then having dinner with friends tonight. Tomorrow we are having breakfast with friends, Wednesday I have to pick up my glasses and we'll be having RIBS with our friends who are heading home to Idaho. And Thursday we are going to La Noria. Our days here in Mazatlan are quickly counting down. 
So - weird sunrise yesterday morning. A kind of black and white one. Did not fool with these pictures, this is just how it looked. 

 Turned out to be a really nice day though. We got ourselves out of the RV and took a ride to Cerritos, just up the road from us. It is where we go to watch the fishermen come in. NO fishermen yesterday. A sunny Sunday during Carnaval. The tide was out and the beach was full of people. Swimming, rock climbing, eating and dancing. I counted three different groups of musicians there. 

Lots of shade tents and people eating and enjoying the day.
 Even tables between the boats.

 I was waiting for her to finish her call to get out of the picture. But finally just took it anyway. Just like the combination of colors and items. 
 Three on a motorbike. Kid, mom and dad. 
 We left this area and went down to the restaurant La Bruija - I'd bought a blown glass flying pig there several years ago and managed to break it over the summer so wanted to replace it. The glass blower wasn't there but he'd left some of his pieces - one being a flying pig. So got that.
Also looked at a really neat all leather purse. Pockets for all my stuff. Is $30 a lot for a leather purse. 

Didn't buy it. But still thinking about it. 
Came home for a while where I tried to keep up with the Daytona race on line, just watching the leaderboard. Even that chews up data. My oldest son kept texting me where my favorite driver was. #18 won the first stage??? What is a stage? Guess when we get home I'll have to catch up on things. I hate Daytona - it is nothing but a destruction derby. In all three races - truck, Ixfinity and Cup only half the field finished. If I was an owner I would just enter a piece of junk and to heck with it. 
Then we went to La Mona in the Marina for early dinner, pizza. Got there just after the race ended and they had the victory celebration on TV. Glad for Kurt and for Mike Walthrop.
One of the posters in La Mona. 

 I have a setting on my camera to take pictures of food Of course I never remember to set it. So yesterday while waiting for our pizza I did remember - took this picture of my ice tea. But forgot to take a picture of our pizza!!!
Came home and watched the big Carnaval parade on TV. I think is was the nicest we've seen. 
Lots and lots of bright colors. The Malecon. See the heart on the hotel in the background. 
 Just some of the colorful entries. 

 This years queen. The dress weighed 25 pounds. 
 Last years queen in the silver on the right. 

Just some of the entries. Will post more in the coming days - especially if I don't have anything interesting to write about. 


Dirk Digler said...

Thank you for taking/making the effort to share. I really enjoy reading your blog.

Mark said...

Why oh why do you taunt me with the rib story :( Wow the Carnival sure looks nice, except for the traffic. The stage thing is kind of goofy, you get extra points to finish first for each stage. Trying to make it more exiting, but I think it just makes for more wrecks. I agree with you 100% about Daytona being a wreck fest. I thought it was a boring race, so you did not miss much. Still have not got the condo locked down. Kind of getting frustrated with the guy agent that I am dealing with. You know how that goes. How is your son doing????

Carol and Bill said...

Always enjoy hearing that someone likes it.

Carol and Bill said...

Carnaval in Mazatlán is a mess. The crowds are amazing. Out here where we stay it isn't too bad. But in old town there is no where to park and the sidewalks are packed.
Stay patient with your realtor - things take longer here. Much longer.
Son seems to be doing fine. But we only know what he tells us. Thank you for asking.