Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Two good meals and fun in between.

The weather until we leave looks like it is going to be perfect. Highs in the upper 70s low at night in the 60s.
Here is Bill out with his drone. He is getting much better at controlling it. Didn't hit and trees or RVs. But the battery runs out within 10 minutes. But we can't get an extra one here. Will have to wait until we're back home to order some. 
We left the RV park about 8:30 - actually didn't realize it was that early until we were on the road. But we did see the big blocks of ice left on the sidewalk for the restaurants on the beach along the Malecon. We hadn't seen any this year and were wondering if they no longer needed it. 
His man was on his way to where ever he sets up his vendors booth. 
A really pretty house, wish I'd got a better picture of it. Don't ever remember seeing it before. But now we have to take the back way into Centro because of all the Carnaval preparations. Lots of the streets are blocked off.
We went to Centro to pick something up for a friend. So of course we had to go to the bakery for cinnamon rolls.Smelled so good in there. Some of the fresh, warm breads they make. 
Decided to eat breakfast there. Outside under an awning. The neat tables. After Bill got his coffee he said we'd be back there to eat often. Very good coffee. 
All the tables outside were filled, we got the last one. Across the street is the Casa Haas. 
Looking up at the building between the awnings. It is one of my favorite buildings in Mazatlan. Yellow stucco with lots of colorful tile trim. The tile is the bottom of a balcony. The roof of the balcony needs some work. 
We had the special of the day Quiche Loraine. Was surprised to get salad with it for breakfast. But everything was delicious. So delicious in fact that Bill ordered a whole Quiche - we will pick it up today. 
Just another look at the restaurant as we were leaving. The building next to it was built before the law about maintaining the original exteriors went into effect. Too bad, it is ugly. 
As we walked toward the yardage store we passed these guys pushing their cart to wherever they set it up. 
Bought our friend some of the skull yardage, she wants it to make pillow covers for their RV. Will mail it to her when we get home. Also went into the Central Market where I got the popular colorful t-shirt with MAZATLAN in bright colors on black. Also two more hand embroidered blouses.
On our way back to the car we stopped to watch the painting of the government building. Every time the elected party changes the building is painted with that party's colors. One older and one young man way up on the scaffolding with long poles with rollers. A long reach up. They are standing on a 12" wide plank. The scaffolding is on wheels. 
Oops. See the white area to the left. He can't reach it. At least there is a tarp under the scaffolding. 
The older man is moving to the right side of the scaffolding, the younger is going to try to paint the unreachable spot I guess. 
OMG - my knees were shaking just watching this. To finish the very bottom he had to scoot closer to the front edge of the scaffolding.
Back in the car driving home. Passing a bunch of stands being put up for beer sales for Carnaval. Lots and lots of beer stands. 
We got home dropped off our packages and then went up the road to Cerritos Beach.
The tide was way out and people were eating on the beach. This group was dancing to the music being played by the two musicians. 

A lot of erosion from the rain over the weekend. The boats used to be parked where it is now all rock. 
It was 12:30 by the time we got there and we were surprised that the fishing boats were just coming in. They usually are coming in at 10:30. Guess they had to go way out to have any good fishing. We were told the water is too cold this year for good fishing close to shore. But they seemed to have caught some big fish. 
 We talked to one of the vendors we know pretty well and he is going to try to get me a purse that I like. He carried them several years ago but not this year. Told us to come back next Monday. 
Later we met up with John and Jackie and went back to Centenario for dinner. This time I got a kind of good picture of it. The building was originally built to promote a big land development on Stone Island, then it was a ReMax office and the last few years a Chinese restaurant. Centenario is new this year. 
 One nice thing about it is it has a parking lot. The walls of the lot were covered with colorful pictures. 
 The tables at the booths all have neat pictures of different bird, fish and animals on them. 
 One of the inside decorations. A yellow cow pulling a wagon.
 My dinner. Rib eye - cooked perfectly - covered with mushrooms, onions and peppers. Wedge potatoes and salad. Bill had the same thing. So did John except he had vegetables instead of salad. Jackie had Coconut Shrimp. All meals were great. Unfortunately I left half my steak as I'd eaten a cinnamon roll for lunch! Shame on me. 
 The bathrooms are all tile. Very pretty.
 And this is the bar area. Want to sit on a saddle or on a swing while drinking? More tile work. 
 This is a neat idea. Colorful Sombreros fastened to the ceiling.
All in all a really neat day. Today we have to go pick up our quiche. 

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