Saturday, June 10, 2017

Last days in Monument Valley and next stop Bluff, Utah

Had to look up what day it is today, Saturday - right? We are now up the road a piece in Bluff, Utah. More about it later.
This picture was taken the other night when we drove into Monument Valley to watch the sunset. We knew there was going to be a full moon 'cause we saw it rising as we drove into the park. By the time we parked the moon was no longer visible - sure glad I took a picture of it while on the road. It never came out again - until we were long gone.

This is the view of the Valley from the campground and the road going down from the campground. Notice all the haze in the air. The wind was really blowing the entire time we were there. Friday it was so bad we could barely see these monuments. So we basically stayed home all day. A couple of times I ventured outside the RV I could hardly keep my eyes open.
On Thursday morning though we took a drive north on the highway to Mexican Hat. This is the same road we took this morning to get to Bluff. So I'll combine the two drives. A formation on the west side of the highway as we go north. 
Pulled over and looked behind us at the Valley. Lots of southbound traffic pulling over here as it was their first good look at the Valley.
A rather strange formation on the west side. Reminds me of a group of people standing in line.
Rather strange looking people. 
Another look behind us. See the wispy clouds building. By afternoon the entire sky was covered with thin layer of clouds and dust.
Looking out over the landscape as we drove north. That piece of lint on the camera is driving me nuts.
Lots of stands selling Handmade Native Jewelry. Had to laugh the other day we were in the Lodges gift shop, they have a sign outside saying "Hand Crafted Indian Gifts." I'd looked at a woven handbag and just for the heck of it looked inside at the tag - Made in India. Well I guess they are Indians too - so...
The only non red rocks around. Wonder why? What are they made of? No lava flows around anywhere. 
Lots of red land. Still heading north on Highway 163 -looked the same today as it did on Thursday when this was taken. 
You come down a mile long 10% grade and then have to make a sharp right turn. Better be paying attention and have your vehicle under control. Crossing the San Juan River. 
More water than I've ever seen in this river. And moving fast. [Did you hear the weather report for northern California and Nevada - expecting up to 8 inches of new snow in the Sierras. In middle of June. Wow]
We were headed towards Mexican Hat. See it - a sombrero turned upside down. Got off the main road to take a better look at it. 
Better road than the one in the Valley. Lots of different rock formations and layers.
How long before the wind and rain topples it?
These hills remind me of the Indian woven rugs and blankets. 
There is the San Juan River again. 
We drove out to Gooseneck Park but had to pay $5 just to park and look down at the river so we just turned around and headed home. Even more wind.  Heading south again.
So pretty. 
We stopped at Goulding's Lodge to eat lunch in the restaurant. See the flags standing straight out and the hazy sky. When I opened the car door I thought it was going to blow off!
In 1920 Harry Goulding and his wife were able to by a large piece of land in the valley. They set up a trading post with living quarters above it. It is now the museum. Harry and his wife went to Hollywood to promote the making of movies in the area. Luckily they met John Ford. And as they say - the rest is history.
 A list of some of the movies made there. 
 Of course John Wayne coming through the salon doors. 
 The Goulding's living quarters above the Trading Post. 

Interesting couple to do what they did when they did it. The area kept the name but is now owned by another company. 
We only came about 45 miles north today to Bluff. The wind continues to howl. More about this area tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!
Bonnie in Canada

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for your comment - I love to share the pictures I take.

Grandma on the Road said...

Don't forget that Monument Valley is where I pulled a muscle in my back taking the tour to the bottom of the canyon. It was a flatbed truck with seats welded on, and extremely bumpy, so I was holding on to the side railing with one hand and the seat in front of me with the other. I was really getting flung around because there were only 6 of us on a truck that could hold 18. Result was a very sore muscle that kept going into spasm for several months! Tour was wonderful, but I paid the price

SandyM said...

Have so enjoy your photos of Monument Valley - we also stayed at Gouldings RV Park. Early one evening we needed to stretch our legs so walked up the road away from the valley. We came to a few houses and two little Indian girls playing along the road. We chatted for a bit and as we were leaving the littlest girl called me a "Grandma Head" -must have been all the gray hair! Continue to enjoy your trip and hope the wind stops.