Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Taking care of things at home.

I mentioned we got home from our trip on Monday, a couple of days earlier than we'd originally planned. All in all we did 1095 miles. We were on the road for 25 days. Averaged 8mpg on the RV. and $28 a night for campgrounds.Our biggest expense was eating out. Ended up not cooking one meal in RV. Had sandwiches, salads and snacked, but ate out a lot.
When we left Panguitch the smoke was visible all around us. Here we are on the I-15 going south you can see the smoke around the mountains. Watching the news last night it is still burning and barely contained. 
 None stop drive straight home. 246 miles - about 5 hours. 
 There is a haze over the city. But temperatures were going down from last week. Last night at 10:00 it still was 100 degrees out! Today will be 108.
 Tuesday mornings sunrise, Without clouds it isn't spectacular. But still nice. Only going down to low 80s at night. 
 I'd been worried about all our new plants when we heard the temperatures were up to 120. Well the ones in the back yard fared pretty well.
 These guys have a little sunburn on the west facing side, but not bad. All the lantana are fine, blooming nicely. 
 Even the jasmine is okay. Noticed a hummingbird checking it out. Ah,  the feeders were completely empty. So had to make more nectar for them. 
 Unfortunately the plants in the front side yard, by the door did not fare as well. In face the three smaller ones are DEAD and the two bigger ones probably won't make it. For some reason the timer clock for them quit working. 
So next week will dig them out and return them to nursery for replacement. The ocotillo out front is doing great, even getting some leaves. My favorite plant. 
I took my sewing machine into the Viking dealer for repair - the lights are not working - on May 22. Called when we got home. They are "really backed up" and have not even looked at my machine. I hadn't planned on using it but still...over a month.
And today took my laptop into BestBuy to see about getting its little problems fixed and found out you now have to make an appointment. So have an appointment tomorrow morning at 10:20. 
We were over there because Bill's external speakers on his PC quit working. Had to get a new set. One thing or another.
I think one of the new houses by us got sold, no more sign in front and it now has a carport. But haven't seen anyone around it. 
I had/have five stained glass sun catchers in the west facing window in my sewing room. They are attached to the window with plastic suction cups. I forgot to take them down when we left, they all fell off the window, guess the suction cups just got too hot. Luckily they just fell to the window sill where they were caught between the window and wooden blinds. So no problem, just had to put them back up. Also forgot the ones on the north facing kitchen window but they were okay thank goodness. If they'd have come down they would have broken in the sink or on the counter. 


Wendy said...

I was told to put some oil on the suction cups and they stay put, maybe try this. Love seeing your trips. I am hoping to get back on the road again soon, but not full timing. I lost my honey Phil on Sat night he put up a good fight

Carol and Bill said...

maybe I'll try the oil next time they come down - so far have just been using spit. Sorry to read about your loss. So glad we got to meet both of you.