Monday, December 4, 2017

Another good day in Mazatlan

Still having a good time here - hard not to. This picture was from the night before - actually forgot to look up last night. 
I have started to wear my Fitbit again - should not even talk about it - got in a whole 900 steps the first day I wore it. Yesterday managed 4000 - maybe better today. I did walk to the front of the park to watch some of the marathon runners. Got there kind of late - some of the slower ones, everyone else had already gone by us, turned around and headed back into town. Does watching runners count?
One of the many huge trees in the enter divider. They are so big and pretty. And city workers came along last week and cut down the two foot high grass that was growing in the dividers. Probably because of the marathon. 
Just one of the flowering bushes in the RV Park. They had to replant several trees and bushes over the summer. Leaf eating ants killed a bunch of them and the tropical storms uprooted and broke even more.
Went to Soriana and the red and yellow underwear is out. In case you haven't read it before this is why. 
Those who choose to wear red underwear on New Year’s Eve are believed to have luck in love in the coming year, while those who wear yellow are believed to have luck with money in the coming year. But don’t pick out a yellow or red pair of underwear from the drawers; tradition is they must be worn for the first time on New Year’s Eve.
Getting ready to go to Plazuela Machado for dinner and music I looked up at the strange cloud formations.It looked like it was going to be a pretty sunset.  
Because we were in the car I really couldn't get a good shot of it. Too many buildings etc in the way. This was taken as we went over one of the bridges. 
A little of it was left when we made it to the Malecon. That is Valentinos disco on the right. Lots of  people by the Mazatlan sign. 
A little more sunset. 
In the plaza. Lots of flowers have been added for Christmas. We were surprised the lights weren't on but as we were talking about it they came on. Guess they must be on a timer of some sort. There weren't too many people there but then we were early 6:30. 
A 15th birthday girl on her way to her party. 
Lots of empty tables when we first got there to listen to Raphael. As the evening got later more people showed up 
Suddenly a LOUD BANG - eveery one jumped. Then the fire works began from behind the buildings. Might have been from the main plaza as there was something big going on there. 
These were really pretty - the last ones. 
More people getting here. 
Lots of people were dancing as the evening wore on. From all ages.
A couple of videos of people enjoying themselves.  The second one is the best. The little girl was really getting into it and improved through the evening. 

All good things must end. Back to the parking lot to get Willie. This parking lot uses up every available space. We got the last space when we got there. Kind of a tight squeeze. 
No plans for today so far.

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