Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Painting RV

Tuesday morning already and I'm just writing about Saturday and Sunday. So easy to get behind. Just lazy yesterday. 
Saturday afternoon and Sunday were eventful days. From strange to interesting to fun.
They have started to clean up the bulldozed brush behind us. I could hear him but it took a while to find him. Loading up truck after truck load. 
While I was watching them this little guy showed up. Looking through the fence at us. 
There are a lot of different animals living out there. Wonder what they think of their home being disturbed. 
And then the painter showed up. Bill has always hated it that the cab of the RV was white while the body was a cream color. It is hard to see in pictures but the cab is bright white. 

So fist thing was to remove the decals on cab and prepare it for painting. The painter putting tape on newspaper sheets. 

 Decals are off and taping paper has begun. The painters truck with his compressor in the back of it. 
 Big piece of plastic over the cab over. 
Painting the black stripe, then it was taped off and covered. 
Mixing the paint for the cab. No computer to do it. All done by hand and eye. 
Drop by drop. Mix - hold sample up to body of RV - add a few more drops. 
Finger painting. Paints match. Cleaning the paint off Bills finger. I told them I was taking a picture of them holding hands - how cute. 
Getting ready to paint.
The back of the painters truck. Everything he needs. 
First coat of paint.
Took three coats of paint. 
Checking things out. 
Three coats of clear coat. 
The final polishing.
This is the best picture I could get - doesn't really show the paint. 
 After the first of the year Bill plans on having some more work done on the graphics on the whole RV. No idea what.
Come evening we went over to the Plazuela Machado for dinner and to listen to Raphael. But saw this as we were leaving the parking lot. No idea...
A beautiful evening. Ate at a new, to us restaurant, the Gala Bistro. Everyone was happy with their food. As always music was great. Weather was perfect. 
And look who got up to dance. 
Good day and great evening.


Dan Simpson said...

How much did the painting cost? Wife and I have the same rv and the white cab drives us nuts as well

Carol and Bill said...

5000 pesos appx US$270.

SandyM said...

Hope you fed Bambi. Paint looks good

Doug and Nancy said...

Looks great - I see Raphael looks great too! Say hi to him for us!

Carol and Bill said...

I will do that