Saturday, November 17, 2018

Las Jaibas RV Park working next door.

Bill took this yesterday. Lots and lots of work going on over there. They are bringing in truck after truck of dirt. Luckily they are using a watering truck which helps with the dust some. All the pretty greenery gone forever. Sometimes progress isn't very good. 
Still enjoying quiet, not doing much days. Just some pictures from when we've been out driving around. The VERY BLUE building just down the street from us. Got to ask WHY?
 Some of the other buildings on the same street. Not quite so in your face. 
 Nearing the Golden Zone. They were just putting the fish up when we were leaving last year. He is bigger than he looks here. 
 The rest of the building, a restaurant I think. Like this design. 
 It is always an adventure to drive here. Suddenly the car in front of you changes lanes because there are men working in the street. 
More work on the street, no warning.
 Both of the hibiscus now have two flowers. So pretty and a couple of hummingbirds were checking them out. 
 Will they continue to bloom, or is it once and done?
 One of the hummingbirds flew up to sit on the bread/fruit tree for a spell.
 A couple of birds showed up today, hopefully more will come as the days go by. 
 Our first 15th birthday sighting this year. I love the dresses. 
 One of her attendants. Look at her hair!
Watched some TV today and read new Lee Child book. Then we went out to a late lunch and took a short drive. In vacation mode. 


Evie said...

Looks like you're having fun but I've lost track of where you are. The weather app on your page is giving the weather for Guaymas, but I think you're more south than that. I love hibiscus.

Carol and Bill said...

We are in Mazatlan and will be here for a while. The weather app does what it wants.

Contessa said...

Lost my entire comment. Here goes round two. Love your outdoor lights Bill but the sound of those trucks would drive me nuts. How late do they work?

Your hibiscus will bloom over and over. I would suggest some water soluble fertilizer and do it once per month, that will help. You should do all of your plants once per month.

Carol and Bill said...

They stop about 5:30 - when they get the wall up it will help. Will get the fertilizer, thanks.

Barb said...

Hibiscus flowers are one of my favorites! Am going to get some soon to plant in my yard. Each blossom lasts one day and dies but there are always more buds ready to bloom each day. Will keep blooming indefinitely.