Saturday, November 10, 2018

The circus tent

Very Hot and Humid here in Mazatlan. One of those 86 but feels like 95 days. I walked to front of park and back and was soaking wet. Staying inside rest of day. 
But...first thing this morning we drove across the street to the Torres La Palapa restaurant to see everyone and have breakfast. So many good changes in the grounds and I forgot my camera. Good breakfast.
Just some pictures from around the RV park. Our bread/fruit tree is still standing but Bill needs to drill some more holes in it and put in the dowels to put the food on. I think the birds recognized the car as about four of them were walking around the ground and looking at us. Like - well where are the goodies?
The banana tree has really grown and both front bougainvilleas are still alive. One looks a little sad though. My weird plant is happy to be back in Mexico.
The two bougainvilleas in back are doing great. Thought they'd be a little bigger though.  The row of RV spots behind us even have grass this year from all the rain. 
Bill getting right to work and putting up some of his lights. These are the rain drop kind.
 SOME of the rest of his lights. They will probably be able to see us from space.
 A pano view looking towards the land cleared at the back of the park. Just palm trees left standing.
 Looking along the north side of the park. They have been taking down all the big trees only leaving the palms. Part of the fence came down with one of the trees. Lots of dump trucks, bulldozers and other machinery out there. Lots of dust and noise.

Several of our friends are here already and more on their way. 
We are waiting for the mechanic who does all the work on the Jeep. The Jeep is having the same problem it had in soon as it warms up it quits running. Guess we aren't going anywhere for a bit. 
But even when the Jeep is pouting he needs a cover. The Circus Tent Saga. Bill and Raphael the ever helpful and cheerful park handyman beginning to put the pools together. Well Raphael is beginning - Bill is holding a pole. 
 The frame is together but it needs to be moved - notice the far side legs are on the other side of the cement pad. They are all supposed to be over the gravel. Hum...six poles two people.
They were gaining an audience - more hands to move the poles. Still not enough hands. More people showed up. At least we provide entertainment when we show up. 
 How does this go now?
 Putting tie downs and stakes in the ground. 
The tarp now has to go up. 
 Where is everybody? And the laughter goes on.
 That's got to go up there?
 Lots of help now. Pushing, pulling and dragging. Almost up there.
 Tie that sucker on the upper poles. 
 Oh, oh, some one drove a stake through the power cord. Raphael to the rescue. 
 It is up, everyone has gone home. Lots of help, fun and laughter.
I think I was the only one to see the sunset. 
Another fine day in paradise. Willie, the Jeep, is now under his personal tent. Mechanic can't be here until Monday. Bill will be putting up his colored Christmas lights most of tomorrow. 


Barb said...

What are they going to do with that land around you that they have cleared?

Doug and Nancy said...

Oh wow.....Raphael is BACK??? Please make sure you give him a big hug from me!! Thought he had left for another job. Can hardly wait to get down there, someday again!

Carol and Bill said...

build 400+ houses. there goes paradise.

Carol and Bill said...

he decided to stay, says he enjoys the people who come to much to leave.

Kathy Tycho said...

Thanks for the pictures. Hope to get there by mid week.

Carol and Bill said...

see you then. fingers crossed for you.

Doug and Nancy said...

Well, I hope he's still there when we come next time. Tell him Doug & I say hi.

Contessa said...

Funny post, loved all your captions. Sorry about the Jeep. Looking forward to seeing all of Bill's lights.
FYI re bougainvillea, they come in two sizes. The smaller ones that evolve into a bush are slower growing and the the large ones with the big thorns that grow quickly are the ones that cover walls, fences, etc. Trust me you want the smaller ones.

Carol and Bill said...

We have the bush kind. At home we have the wall cover kind, if they make it through the Vegas winter.