Sunday, December 1, 2019

Nice music,good food and beautiful setting.

Yesterday afternoon we ran an errand then decided we want to go out to eat. So we headed to Centro. Passed this procession. It was a really long one, hundreds of people. Some sort of religious procession. 

They were all dressed up. 
The girls at the very beginning of the line. When they saw the camera they waved. 
We headed to the Plazuela Machado. Oops Olas Altas was closed to traffic. Forgot that it closed Saturday evenings. Pedestrian only. 
On Angel Flores going to a party of some sort. 
One of the old beautiful buildings in Centro
With a little TLC this could be beautiful too. The doors used to be nice. I like the tree growing out of it.
This building is magnificent. About five years ago it was going to ruin. So glad someone fixed it up. 
Same building different view. Too bad so many wires in the way. 
Managed to find a street with no traffic on it. No we weren't going the wrong way. That is for the cross street. 
Need to find this area again and get a look at the mural.
This home was amazing. Wish I'd got a better picture of it. The whole building was like this. 
Boy about nine playing with his soccer ball in the street. 
Finally got got parked and walked to the plaza. We were there about 5 o'clock before the Saturday night crowds. Lots and lots of vendors there. 
These hats were neat, I like the one with the little doll painted on  it. 
15th birthday girl and her entourage. That's quite an elegant dress. What a perfect place for pictures. 
We could hear him  and finally found him. Lovely music. He was playing right by Pedro and Lolas where we were going to eat. 
Saw several little girls in the same dress - don't know what was going on. They are walking towards the theator. 
A Huichol Indian selling beautiful bead work. Love their outfits. All hand embroidered by their wives. 
Just looking at the trim on this building. The building is now a music school. But a long time ago it is where the first Pulmonia was built.
Same building upper floor. Building were so pretty in the 1800's.
Pedro and Lola's - only one other table being served. As I said we were early - only 5:30.
My dinner Salmon with tamarind sauce, grilled asparagus and a spinach salad with interesting things in it. I cleaned my plate
Bill's dinner Chicken fajitas with beans and guacamole and tortillas. He pretty much cleaned his plate too. I had ice tea and he had a coke. US$23.50. 
Have lots more pictures from the evening but will leave them for tomorrow as today we are kind of staying home - maybe.
We have the Dish Anywhere working with Bill's laptop. Still cannot get it working with mine. Yesterday we went to an electronics store in the Liverpool mall and bought a new HDM1 cord, Just in case our cord was not working right. The new cord didn't help. Then we discovered how to make the sound work with the TV on Bill's laptop so this morning we returned the cord. No problem. Except both times we had to pay for parking - for five minutes of going into a store. Only 12 pesos each time, but seems weird to have to pay to go spend money. 
So in a little bit we'll watch a Barcelona soccer game. Barceloa won 1 to 0 Messi scored the goal. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

I believe the Nutcracker was on at the theatre that night.

Carol and Bill said...

Hum...didn't think to look to see.

Contessa said...

No it was the final night of the opera - Barber of Seville.