Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mazatlan to Los Mochis

Our first day on the road. From Mazatlan to Los Mochis. But first a couple of pictures from Las Jaibas RV. Here we sit all most all ready to go. 

Some of our pretty plants, will miss them. Hope they make it through the summer till we see them again next winter. 

And look who came to visit yesterday. First time we've seen them this year. A couple of years ago they came by all the time. 

Before we left we went over to Torres to meet Mark for breakfast and to say good bye to every one who works there. Nice scene to watch while eating. 

All ready to pull out. 

We left the RV park went a few blocks to gas up and left the gas station at ten after ten. We got to Los Mochis at ten after three. Almost exactly five hours on the road.  Did 244 miles. This crazy looking car follows us every where!

I'm glad to share that the highway from Mazatlan to Los Mochis is being repaved. In spots. Here and there. Sometimes one lane for about 100 feet. 

Sometimes both lanes for a mile or so. 

Sometimes whole long stretches. But that left a lot of rough road still. Maybe next year...

Lots of equipment and men working. The strangest thing we saw was one guy walking down the middle of the two repaved lanes throwing down the white reflector squares. Threw it down, stepped on it and a few strides further repeated process. What ever works for them I guess. 

I will also share that ALL the toll booths in Sinaloa from Mazatlan to Los Mochis are collecting full TOLLS. And they have gone up in price since last time we paid them. Some areas have a lot of police cars around them - others no police. We dished out in US dollars $61 in tolls for the motorhome and the Jeep. Some booths only had one lane open.

Lots of agriculture along the road. Mostly corn and more corn. I like the sunflowers that grow along the edges of the corn fields. Read once that is to attract the bees. 

This guy was loaded. Looked like he was going to tip over. 
The pickup pulling the trailer. 
Many more green houses then we've seen before. No idea what is growing in them, though I did see a pile of tomatoes laying on the ground outside of one of them. 
Here the road is above the ground so a sea of the tops of green houses. As far as you could see. 
Colorful tarps over hay bales. 
There is an agriculture inspection northbound around km 125. Every one is funneled through it. In the past we've been told we had to be sprayed for insects. But if we just paid the 100 pesos they wouldn't spray us. So we had our 100 pesos out, but this time decided to take the auto lane. And we just got waved through. No spray, no pesos. watch the road in and out it is rough. 
We just followed those two cars. 

Watch for the vibradores by the Pemex stations. From here we had a quiet ride to Los Mochis. We stayed over night at the SmartGas. Got gasoline before pulling into yard for the night.  We thought they wouldn't take credit cards for gasoline, but found out they do but only Visa cards, No other kind. 

Spent as quiet a night as possible in a truck stop. Got cold at night though. 

Left early this morning and am writing this from San Carlos, where we will stay for a day or two. 


Kathy Tycho said...

Glad your trip was uneventful! Good to hear they are doing some paving, the road is quite the mess. We really miss driving and all the fall we hope.

Carol and Bill said...

Hopefully more of it will be fixed by then.