Monday, February 1, 2021

Sundays walk

Just a few pictures from Sunday's walk. Did 5500 steps for the day. So was 1500 short of 7000. Will keep trying.

They started this building about three years ago. No one has been working on it since we got here in November. Yet they are building even more condo buildings in this area. 

The place in my walk that I turned around and headed home. A few years ago a car came down off the bridge and didn't make the curve around this building and went right through the front door! Big oops. The yellow posts weren't there at that time. 
Just the front of a pretty condo building right on the beach. 
Nice looking, They have a lot of condos still for sale, or for sale again. 
One of the few areas where you can see the water. Fog rolling in.  The weather was nice for walking, about 75 with a nice breeze and sunny. 
In front of one of the condo buildings. Pretty planting and shade. 
Did not go any where else yesterday. Watched a good Barcelona soccer game. Then read and watched some TV. I fixed another dinner. This is getting to be a habit. Air fryer seasoned potato wedges. chicken breasts with spices and fresh asparagus with cherry tomatoes, Italian spices, parmesan cheese and a little panko then roasted. We both ate too much. 
And that was pretty much Sunday. So far today have only gone to supermarket today. Then took a nap. So exciting. 


Kathy Tycho said...

We're happy to be here...doesn't need to be exciting!

SandyM said...

Tried the Fish Veracruz Recipe and Rex really enjoyed it - me not as much. Our son wanted to try it but it started snowing Saturday and is still snowing so he did not make it over. Last I knew we had 10 inches - to stop tomorrow. Looks like February may be a looonng month as it may do it all over again this next week-end. So glad to read your blog, see your pictures and wish we were there. Another year we are hoping it will be better to travel for us.

Carol and Bill said...

Kathy - I know Should just enjoy the weather I guess. Though this year is quite a bit colder than usual.
sandy - you can do all kinds of variations on the Veracruz stuff. Every time I make it is is different. I like Artichokes in it. Trying new recipes is not how I envisioned our winter in Mexico.