Friday, November 25, 2016

Mazatlan for RIBS

After a really restless night for me anyway. Could not get to sleep until almost dawn. We left Los Mochis at 7:30. It was a very overcast and ugly looking day the whole drive. Not sunny but glaring and humid. The road went from bad to horrid to okay and everything in between. And there were six toll booths today to the tune of US$57!
 Don't know what this layer of stuff was. Lows cloud, fog? air pollution? There were several fields being burned so that probably added to it. 
 We got to Mazatlan about 12:30. Got settled in. As usual in the back section of Las Jaibas RV Park. Got set up and I hit the shower - it is so humid here and in the mid to high 80s. After shower a short nap to make up for last night. 
Then of course we had to go to Fat Fish for RIBS. I was still a little grumpy and mentioned to Bill that Famous Dave's Rib place in Vegas was just around the corner, we really didn't have to drive 1300 miles to get ribs. He did not think that was funny. 
The grill and Willie waiting patiently out front of Fat Fish. 
From the look on his face I guess it was worth it. I think price went up since last year, but don't remember for sure. Two complete dinners, salad, baked potato, bread and full slab of ribs 220 Pesos. US$11.00 - not each, for both. That is a regular size dinner plate. 
 After eating we drove around Mazatlan a little bit. In the Golden Zone. Friday night traffic. 
The sunset along the Malecon 
 Either a diver getting ready to dive or a poser getting the crowds attention. When enough people give tips the real diver goes up and dives. Just barely caught him as we drove by. 
 By the harbor another picture of the sunset. A few clouds showed up. 
 A parking lot over in the Central Historical. Will have to come back in the day time to get pictures of the murals. You can see the outdoor oven in the back of the lot. We go to that restaurant a lot for pizza. 
 Walking around Plazuela Machado. These little girls were part of a Quinceanera celebration.

I think it was a double celebration as there were two girls getting equal attention. 
 We were glad to find out that Beach Burger is still open and that our favorite waiter Roberto is again working there. Christmas decorations were already going up. 
 Lots of vendors and people there. 
 More Christmas decorating. 
 Check out the shoes on the girl in the middle. They were about five inches high. 
 One of the older buildings. There is now a restaurant on the balcony. 
 And the hotel has their Christmas Tree up and glowing. 
Then on home. Getting caught up on pictures, email and our trip diary. Then to bed early for me. Bill has already got the TV set up to get the Mazatlan channels. A whole big deal on Trump. Can't get away from it even here. 


SandyM said...

Bill's face as he looks at the rib dinner - pure joy! Hope he was a good boy and cleaned his plate. Really like the "header" picture of the sunset.

Carol and Bill said...

He is now a Happy Camper. Not a scrap of rib left when he finished. I brought half of mine home for today.

Janet said...

FAT FISH RIBS! you don't get ribs like that at Famous Daves for 11 bucks!
Glad so you aarrived safe and sound, enjoy the hot weather!

Carol and Bill said...

Tomorrow it is supposed to cool down. This is the weekend of the marathan, can't get out of the campground except by walking tomorrow morning - street closed until about noon. The guys who work in Torres have to park between the bridges and walk in to work. Fireworks on malecon tonight but can't convince Bill to go.
Is the car fixed? are you still in Yuma?

Doug and Nancy said...

Still fairly jealous as we face yet another rainy and grey day here in White Rock. We will have to live vicariously through you, our great friends! Say hello to our friend, Raphael. Big hugs from Canada!! Whenever I check in on your blog it shows "visitor from Canada" you know that's me!!!

Unknown said...

Fat Fish ribs, and we've decided not to travel for 2 years...must be crazy!! Doug B.

Anonymous said...

Love reading about your adventures in Mazatlan! Bonnie

Anonymous said...

Hey! After years of reading your blog... I finally figured out how to make a comment! Yahoo! (It's Bonnie again!)

Carol and Bill said...

Wish you were here. Guess we'll just have to eat more ribs. And enjoy the weather more. Although it is HOT and HUMID right now.

Carol and Bill said...

Good to hear from you. That's okay half the time I can't make my reply go through. It just disappears into thin air. Glad you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Such a joy meeting you two, and a wealth of info. I hope our paths meet again!!! Safe travels and will enjoy following you:) Bob and Betsy

Carol and Bill said...

We made it to Mazatlan and Bill got his RIBs. Won't get to Huatabampito until we head home. IF the road is open by then. At least it is getting repaved
Enjoyed our talks with you. Keep in touch.

NormSusan said...

Mmmm, looks so good, wish Fat Fish could deliver to Canada, lol. Hope Guayabitos has something similar as we will be there next Sunday for two weeks. Love your pictures and the updates of things happening in Mazatlan.