Sunday, April 5, 2020

NASCAR on TV Today

Waiting for another delivery from Walmart. Two of the things I wanted the most they don't have.
I have a question, why isn't there any flour and why isn't there any margarine? No chicken either.
This was last nights dinner. Very good. Spaghetti made with Italian spiced chicken sausage in a  bolognese sauce with zucchini added. 
All the ingredients except salt and pepper and a tablespoon of butter. 
And here is our dinner. This is Bill's plate he likes the cheese so he got it all. I think is smells like stinky feet. 
Got to watch a IRacing race again today on TV. They were racing Bristol. It is amazing how real it looks. And all the drivers are sitting in their homes at their game set up. Keeps me amused for a while. Here is a quick video of the race on TV.
I finally finished the 750 piece puzzle - took me four days. I'm glad there is only one more 750 piece - the other four are 300 - 500 pieces. All Kincaid pictures. 
Sunrise this morning was kind of pretty. 

Our weather is changing again, now it is going to get cold and rainy for the rest of the week. With snow in the mountains. Kind of a mixed bag coming up. 
Oh wow, I just discovered we have a YouTube channel on the TV. Going to figure out how to use it tomorrow. Well, I did use it today, but I only got places by accident. Not sure how I did it. We did find the videos Bill likes to watch about the drones. But don't know how I did it. Something to do for a while. 


Marla Terry said...

Your meals look so delicious! Glad you are both faring so well during this pandemic!

Carol and Bill said...

thank you, hope you guys are fine too.