Wednesday, January 24, 2018

5 minus 4 star hotel.

Didn't do much of anything the last couple of days. We both got hair cuts though, right out our front door. Luis the barber comes through the campground a couple of times a week. We both were looking a little shaggy so got trims on the back and sides. Five bucks each.
 This morning we went to Torres - This is the restaurant we always go to across the street. Just showing part of the restaurant and the ocean view. We wanted to make reservations for tonight to listen to our friend Raphael sing and play and have dinner there. Also to ask about Paco, the waiter, he is out of the hospital but will be a couple of weeks before he comes back to work. 
 We put a few things in the car and took them to the hotel where we'll be staying while the RV is  being painted. There was no traffic - none at all. AND all the signals were working for the first time in weeks. 

Guess we shouldn't expect too much for US$35 a day. The lobby of the hotel. 
 Looking into the room. There is air conditioning, but no heat. Had to ask for a blanket for the bed. Hopefully it will be there tomorrow when we move in.  There is a nice little balcony looking out over the main street. A table and two chairs out there. 
 Looking towards the kitchen. Little refrigerator and a two burner gas stove. Utensils, pots, plates and silverware are furnished. We also got her to give us a coffee maker and a toaster. But there is only one plug in the kitchen and the refrigerator was plugged into it. But found another plug under the counter and moved the refrigerator plug there. Open door goes to bathroom.  A little table and two chairs. Of course no plug any where near the table. 
 Night tables and plugs next to the bed and a nice ceiling fan. Next to the bed a good closet with shelving and hanging rod. 
 Clean bathroom. 
 Check out the cable TV connection. Several channels available. A few in English I think. 
Tomorrow morning the RV is supposed to be picked up at 8:00. By then I hope we have everything loaded into the Jeep that we'll be needing for a week. Lots of restaurants within walking distance of the hotel. And lots of little stores etc. to check out. 
There is supposed to be WiFi in the rooms, will find out tomorrow. A little ranting - every day on the Internet are pictures of women "stars" who are at award shows. When did not wearing underware become the IN thing. I guess it gets their names in the news. Personally, I will never go see anything they are "staring" in. Where have morals and respect gone? 


Contessa said...

Cool here even further south. Crazy weather. Had to ask for blankets here at our hotel also. Good luck with the RV.

NormSusan said...

Carol, I so agree with you on your comment "Where have morals and respect gone?" Kinda makes you glad that we are old. Pretty sure it is only going to get worse. Good luck with your hotel stay and RV paint job. A little behind on reading posts as we are in Arizona and don't always have good WiFi.

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