Friday, January 26, 2018

Survived first night in hotel. Day trip to Malpica

Well we managed to survive our first night in the hotel. Our little heater kept it plenty warm enough to be comfortable. There are several signs in the room with do's and don'ts. This one says "Please don't put your hands and feet against the walls. Oh, oh I just touched my elbow on the wall. 
 Please turn air conditioner before you leave room. 
 Washing the dishes is not the responsibility of the cleaning girl. 
 They seem to be reasonable requests.  Talk about dumb gringos. We couldn't figure out how to light the stove. See the little white pip by the arrow. It is the pilot lite - need to put a match to it when the burner is turned on. Dah. But we didn't bring any matches. Had to get them from the hotel. 
 Coffee this morning on the balcony. This is the first day in weeks that it has been warm in the morning. Turned out to be a perfect day for a day trip. 
 Our view. The big hotel across the street. 
See all the people waiting at the gate. They are all employees of the hotel. Seems like the hotel is remodeling and are selling all the furniture and fixtures to the employees at unbelievable prices. 
 Loading up their pickup. Everything from small refrigerators, chairs, dressers, mattress sets and kitchen sinks.
 Several people left with microwaves. 
 He had pillows, a glass topped round patio table and four chairs. 
 Looking into the courtyard where everything is put - like a huge furniture market. Kitchen cupboards, closet doors, see the toilet and the kitchen sinks. Also a small apartment refrigerator. 
 She got a mattress set, two chairs and all the drawers for 300 pesos. About 16 dollars US.
We picked up our friend Mark and headed to Malpica to go to the bakery. Not writing about it today. But I have written about it a lot in the past. Do a search for Malpica and several posts will come up. Looked like several of the homes had been recently painted.
 I have always like the way this old abandoned home looks. 
Today I looked in through the broken window. 

A good part of the roof is missing. But there is still furniture in this room. 

Three chairs and even a painting hanging on the wall. The chairs have weeds growing up on them. I wonder why they weren't moved out. 
 More newly painted homes. 
Rested a while after we got home then took a long walk into the Golden Zone - pictures tomorrow -
Took a pulmonia back to Poncho's Restaurant for dinner.
On the tables there is pepper but no salt. You have to ask for salt and this is why.
"Restaurants, pubs and cafes  have permanently removed salt shakers from their dining tables.The government-sponsored move is apparently a part of a larger effort to raise awareness on the dangers of high sodium diets and its correlation to hypertension and other diseases prevalent in Mexican society." Interesting. Here are our dinners. I had filet of fish Veracruz and Bill had a Caesar Salad with chicken. He said it is the best he's ever had. 
Tomorrow some pictures from our walk.


SandyM said...

Dinners look delicious. What a great idea to sell the furnishings to the employees. We have to wonder if the addiction to coco cola morning, noon and night that we see young and old and even in baby bottles may not be worse then the salt. Diabetes is certainly on the rise in Mexico. Nice pictures

Mark said...

Bill and Carol,
Well today was a great day as usual when I'm with you two. Thanks for dragging my butt around again this year. Bill I hear Fat Fish calling our names...

Jackie McGuinness said...

That looks like Pueblo Bonito across the street where we stayed last year.

Carol and Bill said...

It is - and they are remodeling half of it. Selling the stuff to the employees.

Carol and Bill said...

seems to me all the fat loaded snacks and sugar sodas would be a worse problem. I think they did add extra taxes to the snacks though.

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