Friday, January 12, 2018

Making a garden.

Trying to catch up.
My rant for the day - we old folks got the great pleasure of getting a raise in our Social Security this year. A whopping $4.00. Don't think I'll have any trouble spending that. Better than nothing I guess. 
Had breakfast at Torres a couple of days ago and the bees are back. Had to give them a jelly to keep them off our plates and food. Works pretty good. 
 After eating we stopped at a big nursery. To look I thought. Sure had some pretty plants there. Some of the bougainvilleas.  All colors.

 A hibiscus I think. 
 Never saw one of these before. Looks like it had horns.
 We ended up leaving with four pots of bougainvilleas and a sack of dirt. This is just one of them.  
 Caught this sunset by accident. Just happened to go outside and there it was. 
 On Wednesday we went to Fat Fish and neither of us had RIBS - jut ribbed out for a while. Met a friend there for dinner. 
Yesterday we headed out again to try to find the painters shop. Again didn't find it. When we got home I check the map again and now know where my directions went wrong. I had Bill turn when we should have gone straight - Yep that'll do it. 
Then we went to Centro and stopped a had breakfast and bought some cinnamon rolls to bring home. On to the watchmaker who was closed then to the central market. Which cut of beef do you want? 
How about this one? That knife is sharp!
 Or maybe some marlin for dinner?
 Or just a catch of the day?
 This is one of the biggest piggy heads I've ever seen. Kind of looks like he is wearing a hat of some sort. 
Kind of fuzzy. Bill is buying some tiny potatoes for his wonderful famous potato dish. 
 A couple of aisles in the market were all torn up. Stores closed. Looks like new flooring going down.
 Our garden is growing. The new plants are in the ground. Two in front.
 And two in back. Also we are supposed to get a banana plant. 
So more or less caught up. We are going to get some information about a hotel room to stay in while RV is getting painted. Other than that no plans for today. But it will be too nice out to stay home. 

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