Monday, January 8, 2018

Continuing saga of RV painting

The painters were here all day yesterday working on the driver's side of RV. All windows on that side and the front windshield are covered in newsprint. We can't run the air conditioning 'cause there is so much humidity that the water running off the roof keeps wetting the paper and paint areas. Also the paint stinks. Nag, nag, nag! At least we were gone part of the day.
The old decals that are going to be replaced had to be removed, then where the new painted ones are going had to be taped off. The black graphic that was put on the cab when it was repainted a couple of weeks ago is now painted over. It will be another color...See the marks on the hood and door outlines for new painted graphics.
A closer look at them. No idea what the finished product will look like. Both painter and Bill say, "Trust me."  I'm saying OMG!

Where the new graphics will go. While I was inside the black paint was applied. It will make a border for the new colors. Some of the original vinyl graphics will remain. 

More and more newspaper is taped on. 
Seems like an awful lot of black here on the hood.
The black border has been covered with tape and newspaper and a gray coat of paint has been put on all the open spaces. 
Starting to tape off the hood design.
Moving right along. All the gray undercoat is done. We had a lot of spectators from the RV park watching throughout the day. Maybe we should have charged them an entertainment fee. 
Spraying more black lines. Good thing the wind wasn't blowing and the dust was staying on the ground. 
I took a picture of the Jeep because these are two of the colors that will be on the RV. Gold and purple/blueish. I bring attention to the gold. Because...
This sure doesn't look gold to me. It looks like a not quite ripe banana. Painter says, "It will get darker with more coats." Famous last words. 
Hum...nope I don't think that matches. By now we had quite an audience - most of whom kept their thoughts to themselves. Except for me. 
Second color going on. Goody now it is chartreuse and pink. Are you kidding me?  Bill pulled the car around so we could look at both things at the same time. For sure not gold. But as layers of red went on it got closer to the correct color. 
Now the purplish/blue is going on. It too is pretty close to the right color. The same painter painted the graphics on the Jeep last year. So eventually everything should match. 
This is looking good. it will fade into black towards the slide {I think.}
Here are the two colors on the Jeep. The gold was the wrong paint, painter will pick up correct color today. 

Looking okay. They tell me the clear coating will bring out the colors. 
I think we should leave it like this - just one side done. Then it would be really original. 
We went out to the Plazuela Machado in the evening for a meal and relaxing music. 
Hopefully next blog will have great unveiling. 


Barb said...

Where are they gonna put the skull and eagle on it? Lol!

Contessa said...

You are so very patient. I would be crazy be now. Good luck with it all.

Grandma on the Road said...

Looking forward to seeing the complete result. By the way, I am in Valley of Fire and it has been raining here and in Las Vegas almost all day off and on. Total so far is .3". Desert certainly needs rain.

Carol and Bill said...

on the front of course.

Carol and Bill said...

i am more irritated than patient.

Carol and Bill said...

I saw on news that Mount Charleston is supposed to get 12 inches of snow.

Paul said...

Looks like a Skittles bomb went off next to you... Or you were paint balled while driving down the road. LOL
Dad has done this before so I'm sure it will turn out just fine.

Carol and Bill said...

Thank you for your encouragement. Even with the yellow green it looks better than I thought it would. Remember the stripes on the living room wall in Knollwood?

Grandma on the Road said...

2.1 inches by noon today and more expected this afternoon! All the plants and animals will be happy. Judy

Beth said...

I won't make judgment until finished! I bet it'll be very cool.