Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday in Mazatlan

We spent another quiet, not doing much day so will share the mundane things we did. First this is a small portion of a photograph Bill took with his drone. The drone was 365 feet up looking around. On the side of this building is a fantastic mural, I've posted a lot about it in the past. Click here to see a post about it. Towards the end of the post. 
See the big white building on the lower right? That is the whole photo that I enlarged the above photo from. You can see a long way from that high up. I was surprised how well the section enlarged. 
I got my FitBit on this morning and actually took a walk. No excuses as the weather is perfect for walking. This is the lot next to us where they have been cleaning up the brush. Many years ago it was a big RV park. I never knew the building was there. Guess it was the laundry room or bathrooms or something. 
Last time I walked by here it was a little outdoor restaurant that sold coco helados. With several tables and chairs. It was for sale. Either it got sold or just cleaned up for sale. Too much progress going on in this end of Mazatlan. Pretty soon it will be like going to Santa Monica, CA.
Walked north until I came to this road leading to the beach. Took it. 
Looking south on beach. We are across from second tall building from left. Not many people on the beach. Again I was walking on the beach when the tide was coming in. Kept having to really watch the waves and ended up finishing walk in the soft sand. Pant, pant. 
This person belongs to a Save the Turtles organization. Turtles come up on this beach to lay eggs. They rescue them. Found out the the eggs have to be put back in the exact place they are removed from just before hatching. The exact same place! 
Made 5800 steps. The last half block in the sand sure seemed longer. After I got home we headed out to grocery store. The Peso exchange is getting lower for us It is now 18.55 pesos to one US dollar. Was up to over 19 for a while. Stopped at McDonalds for a quick lunch. Bill says when he has an upset stomach nothing cures it like a Big Mac. Guess it works. 
Found even more construction in the Golden Zone. It is getting really hard to take a trip without some thing being torn up. Got kind of narrow here. That is a police car in front of us. About a block back the traffic was at a complete stop. There was a delivery truck blocking the lane(s). First the cop whooped his horn, after nothing moving he hit his siren. The truck left when he finished his delivery not before.
And even more tore up. A bus couldn't make it through this space. 
Back on the main road and more torn up areas. You really have to pay attention 'cause no one wants to change lanes until the VERY LAST second. 
Stopped to fill up the gas tank. Gasoline is now US $3.48 a gallon. Took this picture in the gas station. A case full of credit card readers. The ones that read a Mexican card can't necessarily read an American one. 
This afternoon it has become very overcast - almost looks like it is going to rain. At least the wind is not blowing. 
Tomorrow we are going on another day road trip.

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