Sunday, January 7, 2018

El Quelite again -Painting RV again

We got out of the RV today because the painters are here again. Going to leave the result as a surprise. I'll  be one of the people surprised. 
The painter came by yesterday afternoon and started to prep the RV for painting. So this is our morning view from inside. 
 About 7:30 I got the birds breakfast ready to take out. When I opened the door this is what greeted me.Three of the sitting in the tree staring at the door [I miss getting one in the picture.]
 The painters continued to work. They were also removing the decals.
 About 8:30 we got a text from our friend Roberto asking if we wanted to meet him and his family in El Quelite for breakfast. Well of course we would. Meanwhile the painters continued to tape newsprint on and remove decals. This is what it looked like when we left. 
I had to laugh - all these cars had zoomed past us on the road to here. Now we are all together again slowing way d o w n for the big truck going over the vibradores just before the turn to El Quelite. 
For some reason I started to film just before we reached the arch leading into El Quelite. Turns out I'm glad I did. We ran into a little traffic jam going into town. Both of these videos have sound. 
The cookers were going full blast. Boiling in oil, pig fat. Customers lined up waiting. 
 Lots and lots and lots of people in town again. We got lucky and a car was pulling out just as we pulled in front of the restaurant. A whole bunch of horses waiting for paying riders. 
 Thank goodness Roberto had arrived before us and already had a table. Ten deep outside waiting to get in. The waitresses were working their buns off. Food and service was good as always. 
 Roberto and his family and a couple of friends. 
Leaving town proved to be more difficult then getting in. Cars parked all over the place. Tents and chairs in the road. Glad Bill was doing the driving.  Guess there was a funeral setting up, the hearse is the silver SUV that is backing up to let us through. Oh my.
Leaving town, out on the highway noticed someone has been cutting the weeds beside the road. Nice piles to be picked up. 
Work keeps progressing on the RV. 


Doug and Nancy said...

And to think we are sitting at home watching the rain fall. It's about 41F...lovely!

Carol and Bill said...

this is the coolest winter we've ever had here. Been several weeks of no 80s - and another week to go. 77 78 79 I love it. Bill is freezing.

Jackie McGuinness said...

Just catching up on you guys!