Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Strange weather here in Mazatlan

Another strange start to a day. Very foggy and no breeze. Looking across the street at the tall condo building. Can only see about half of it. 
 That is the sun up there. 
 Finally got a good picture of this black-vented oriole. In Mexico and Central America, this large oriole lives mostly in dry forest or semi-open woods of the foothills and lower mountain slopes. It has wandered north into Texas and Arizona on only a few occasions, but some of these strays have remained for months.
Ten birds were in the tree before I got three feet away from it. 
Finally the fog lifted and the sky got blue and the day turned out pretty. 
 We were without the car most of the day. The mechanic had to take it to his shop where he could find the leak in the AC and fix it for good. Didn't get it back until 7:00 p.m. 
So Bill amused himself cooking another tortilla. Cutting up everything to go in it. 
 The finished product. 
Tomorrow, Thursday, we are heading into Centro to see if Bill's watches are finally ready and to watch all the tourists for a big cruise ship. Usually something going on in town when one is in.