Thursday, January 4, 2018

More captured tourists to show around.

Yesterday turned out to be a busy day. And the weather has turned beautiful. Temperatures reaching about 80/81 with an ocean breeze. Even the humidity is not too bad. Nights get pretty cool, enough to leave little heater on. 
Before I get to yesterday though I want to share this picture. We've been seeing this older man for years. He has bread in the pan on his shoulder, not sure about in the bag. We see him all the time when we go somewhere in the morning. He walks at a pretty good clip. Seen him as far north as where we are staying and as far south as the beginning of the Golden Zone. There always seems to be bread in the pan. Don't know if he gets it resupplied or what. 
We've seen him all over along this route. The route measured here is 4 miles. There are two steep bridges around the marina. If I see him in time maybe I can get Bill to stop and talk to him. 

Out watching the birds again in the morning. I love his floppy head feathers. 
There is a new couple here in the campground who haven't spent much time in and around Mazatlan. So we are showing them around. Yesterday morning we took them to El Quelite for breakfast. Not a good decision. We forgot it is still vacation time here in Mexico. We got to the restaurant about 10:00 and EVERY table in the place was full. Even the new ones upstairs.  There is also a new sign before the town. 
We got seated quickly with our favorite waitress Dora. We've know her since the iguana crapping on my head incident. As always our meals were good. But it was just too crowded to enjoy the ambiance of the restaurant. 
When it is real busy the girls are making tortillas, both flour and corn. They smell so good cooking. 

Noticed this plaque, thought it was funny it says "My house is my house." They usually say "Mi Casa es Su Casa"  My house is your house. Nasty as I am I like this one. 
This flowering vine is getting bigger and bigger. The flours are a beautiful lavender color.
Then on home to this. They are clearing the cut brush right next to the back fence of the RV park now. Lots of noise and dust from the shovel and the trucks. Thank goodness the wind was blowing away from us. Did just sit and watch them half the afternoon though. 
And later we went out for dinner. Can you guess where?
The end of another pleasant day in Paradise. 

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