Saturday, January 27, 2018

Walking in the Golden Zone

Continuing with yesterday. A few more of the signs in our hotel room. 
There will be a charge for leaving dirty dishes. 
 Thank you for tipping the cleaning lady. 
 Check out time 11 a.m.
The sink in the bathroom is not a washing tub. Please don't wash clothes in sink. Thank you for understanding. 
(There is a laundry room here. - The laundry room also contains the microwave. You don't realize how many times during the day you use a microwave until you don't use it.)
It was such a nice day we decided to take a walk. Neither of us planned on walking too far, so didn't take water with us. And I didn't put on my FitBit. A couple musicians either walking to work, or hoping for work. They are walking north we were walking south towards the main part of the Golden Zone - or tourist part of town.
 Took a side road out to the beach. A BIG fish in front of a restaurant. 
 Looking north up the beach. Not many people out by the water. 
 Looking south. All the big hotels in the Golden Zone. 
 Three vendors taking a break. Two of them are rolling up a hammock. 
 The red sign says It is prohibited to throw trash in this area.  Hum...
A couple of years ago all the sidewalks in this area were redone with the colored designs.  
 Looking across the street at some of the architecture. There are six or seven different businesses on the ground floor. Top floors are living quarters.  
 New palm trees in the center divider. I don't think they are going to make it. Most look dead. When we first got here they were green and pretty. 
 This building has an interesting front. It is phony grass.
Huge construction truck. The only way he could get into site was come down the street the wrong way. And even then he had to go up over the curb. 
During the walk we saw a couple of ladies out sweeping the sidewalks in front of various hotels. 
 A beer boutique. Wonder what it is like inside that makes it a boutique? 
 I like the look of this hotel. It looks like it belongs. Not like the straight up cement and glass ones being built now. 
 The entrance to that hotel. 
More shopping for tourists.  
 All sizes and shapes of buildings along here.
 A band going somewhere,
 They stopped and posed for me

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