Monday, January 29, 2018

Checking on the paint job and wandering around Centro.

Today was a beautiful day to be out and about. Perfect weather. 
There still is a lot of furniture etc to be sold across the street at the Pueblo Bonito. Spent quite a bit of time this afternoon just watching the loading of cars, trucks and pulmonias with stuff people have bought. They have to be emptying around 100 rooms. 
 Watching one of the many street sweepers going by. 
 We went to the grocery store to buy pastries for the workers at Jamie's shop then went over there to check out the RV. This side is almost completely done. The gold is GOLD.
 The cab, driver's side door.
 The cab over driver's side. black and white is original decal.
 Jamie working with the air brush.
Passenger side all taped off.  We should get it back by Wednesday. 
Left there and headed to Centro cause it was so nice to be out and about. Well CRAP - another street is torn up. Right next to the Central Market and the way to the parking lot.  
Having to take an unexpected detour. See the little cart with the arrow above it. He is going against all the traffic on the street and all us cars turning on to it because of the detour. He was not well liked by the traffic. 
 Hum...haven''t been here before. 
 After about a seven block detour we are back where we want to be on the other side of the one block torn up street. That is the Central Market on the left side of the mess.
 After parking we walked towards the bakery. They have been working on this huge house for over a year. It had been sitting empty for 25 years when someone bought it for 6 million pesos, about 333,000 US dollars. No idea what it is costing to restore. A man we were talking to said the inside is completely finished and beautiful. The side still need a lot of work. As does the tower. 
 One of the windows on the side. 
Lots of work still needs to be done. Wish we could get inside. It must be massive.

This doggy looks comfortable. 
Just some of the bread for sale in the bakery. 
 Buying some cinnamon rolls. YUMMY
 Walking by the government building we saw all these [and many more] sitting outside the building. Bill asked one lady what they were doing there. She said she was paying her water bill. It cannot be mailed in nor paid on line. So they have to come here and wait to pay it. 
 This old building in the Plazuela Machado is continuing to get its face lift. The walls of the first floor have all been patched and replastered. Wonder color they intend to repaint it?
Walked around Plazuela some. A little better picture of the Carnaval decoration. 
 Lots of tourist from the hotels wandering here and downtown. 
A painting for sale, think it was 15,000 pesos. 
 Heading back to the car. Bill patiently waiting for me in front of a bunch of colorful buildings. 
 After picking up the clean car we drove out to the harbor lookout and then up and down the Malecon. Will leave that for another day. 

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