Tuesday, January 9, 2018

OH OH! Big change in plans

After a stressful [for me] day a pretty sunset to watch while on our way to Plazuela Machado for dinner and music.
As always beautiful here at night. 
Our fellow RV friends Andy and Dixie joined us for dinner. 
I had spaghetti. Very good.
Monday afternoon the painters returned. The paper and tape holding it on could not be left on the RV until next weekend when there was supposed to be more painting done. It is still unripe banana yellow! 
Starting to take the paper off. Kind of a reveal. 
A little more of it. 
Hum...maybe it isn't going to look too bad after all. Except for the YELLOW.
After as of now...more yet to come. But not for a while.
Plans are made to be changed...And changed they are. The painter is not happy with the way the painting is turning out. He wants to redo it. Not talking about the yellow - that is a given  and he now has the correct gold paint. So...to redo it and finish it properly will take more than a few weekends. Which would mean paper on paper off between each painting. So after much discussion it was decided that the RV would go to the painters shop for four or five days - two weeks from now. So how will that work? Where will we stay? Go on a trip in car, stay in hotel in Mazatlan or stay in RV at paint shop? That is not figured out yet. More to come later when we decide. 


SandyM said...

Looks kinda of pretty - much better with the newspaper off. Doesn't Felipe own a hotel - Blue Pacific or something like that - would that work?

Beth said...

You'll find a unique way to pass those days and nights. And we'll get to read about it.

Carol and Bill said...

After we see the shop we'll decide what to do. Might just rent a room, put a bunch of stuff in it and go to away for the weekend.

Contessa said...

Like the look except for the bright green color.