Friday, January 19, 2018

Decision made

Today we made up our mind about what we were going to do while the RV is being painted. We will be staying in a hotel just a couple of miles from the RV park. It is owned  by the same people who own the park. Nothing fancy. The patio area of the hotel.  It is called Blue Pacific and is around US$30 a night. Has a private bath,  cable TV, WiFi, small refrigerator and 2 burner electric stove and kitchen sink. They will also supply a coffee maker and toaster.
 The lobby area. Only 17 rooms in the whole hotel. Also has a locked at night parking lot. 
 After checking out the hotel and leaving a deposit we went out to lunch at Torres. Got quite a show. The para-sail took off with two people riding tandem. Didn't get very far when it dropped straight into the ocean. PLOP.  Right where the waves were breaking. Good thing the people had on life jackets.
 The lifeguard and the guy that helps with the para sail ran into the ocean. Took a little time to unstrap the tourists. But all was well and no one was hurt. Dragging the chute to shore. 
 The problem? The engine on the tow boat stopped working. He fiddled with it for a while and then another little boat showed up and towed him away. 
After that we came home and started to make a list of what not to forget to take with us to the hotel. 

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SandyM said...

Good to be all squared away with where you will be staying while the RV gets painted. What excitement with the papa sailors - Rex has often wondered if that very thing ever happens - now we know.