Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Got RV back

CRAP it is 7:15 a.m. and we already have almost everything loaded in the Jeep, except for stuff in refrigerator and my laptop. What are we going to do until we get the RV back late this afternoon?
Well we watched TV and rested a bit. Rested because at about 2:30 a.m. a bus full of people arrived at the hotel. Between the bus chugging and 50+ people getting checked in and settled down there was no sleeping for a while. 
But back to today. About 10:30 we checked out of the hotel and went to the restaurant next door and had a meal. A very good meal. I had breakfast and Bill had a salad. So we managed to waste another hour or so. Then we jumped in the Jeep and drove over to the painters shop. The RV was almost ready. Just one little thing needed to be done. Bill went in the shop and I stayed in the Jeep reading my nook. 45 minutes later it was time to back the RV out of the shop. I didn't watch. 
So here we are on the road. The painter knows his way around town so he drove the RV back to the campground. He picked a route that didn't have a lot of overhanging trees or pot holes. But it had a slew of topes. And would you believe the weather turned and it began to sprinkle. 
Nothing was done to the back end. 
 Finally we pulled into the camground. Got the RV settled in the spot right and began unloading the stuff from the Jeep. It remained overcast with a few sprinkles off and on. But here are some pictures of it. The paints all have metal flecks in them so they change colors with the light. Some of the original decals are still on it. The back driver's side. The gold matches the gold on the Jeep. 
the black, white and gray decals are original. 

The front and driver's side. The gold, red and purple are new. White, black and gray original. 

The passenger side.  


Back passenger side

before - the kind of gray looking decal is now deep purple paint
So it is all done and home and a one of a kind. It needs to be cleaned good inside. But everything is put away. We made a trip to the grocery store and dropped off some laundry. Then came home and I cooked dinner. Chicken paella. Turned out good. And the oven works great.  Supposed to rain Thursday.  Hope not. 


Mark said...

After is looking sharp

Contessa said...

WOW!!!! It looks like it was worth the time and effort on your part.

Carol and Bill said...

We are both pretty happy with it. If the sun ever comes out I'll get some good pictures of it.

Paul said...

Looks good ....

Carol and Bill said...

thank you