Sunday, January 28, 2018

The part of Mazatlan we don't usually see.

The last couple of posts have been about the part of Mazatlan we don't usually spend much time in. This is the real touristy area with all the big hotels, lot of restaurants and bars, and stores selling all kinds of "nobody really needs" things. And most prices in this area are in US Dollars not pesos. Basically for years, with a few exceptions - when Bill was in hospital or when we are looking for certain ceramic Talavara goods, we only drive right through this area going somewhere else. The last two days we've been walking around the area. We don't want to lose our parking space right in front of the hotel.
I went to bed last night feeling like I was coning down with a cold. Can't remember the last cold I had! This morning though feel fine. But Bill woke up with a nasty back ache - hopefully moving around will take care of it. We both miss our memory foam RV bed. 
The last two signs in our hotel room. No idea what this one says.
 Help us keep the towels white by using them properly. I guess don't take to beach or mop floors with them?
The power pole right outside our room. It's a wonder anything works.  
 Had a quiet day yesterday. Did go to the market for a couple of things. Then went to Ponchos again for a late lunch. I had shrimp stuffed avocado with slices of cucumber. Excellent. At this restaurant you get chips with two different salsas, then little deep fried peppers as an appetizer - We tell them No before they bring them to us - just too hot for us. Then your meal. After the meal a little glass of Kahlua and cream OR Kahlua ice cream. No charge for the appetizers or desert. Bill had Ceaser Salad with a side of fries. Both of us had a soft drink. Price around 20 dollars with tip. 
The other day we had a really good experience at this restaurant. Good food and outstanding service so Bill left a good tip on the credit card. We had hamburgers, fries and soft drinks plus all the extras. The bill in dollars was 16 - he left a tip of 5 dollars. total bill 21 dollars. Today I got an email from the credit card company asking if we meant to leave that large of a tip or was it a mistake. Boy they really check things. Good to know. 
The X marks our room.  There are only four parking spaces. !7 rooms in hotel. Luckily most guests don't have cars. 
 Took another walk after eating lunch. This time on our side of street. 
 A couple of hat vendors walking down the street
 A restaurant. La Catrina. Never eaten there. 
 Plants growing up the palm trees.
 Walked by Fat Fish - the RIBS waiting to be boiled. A lot of them there
A chain link fence covered with plastic greens. With real weeds growing over the top too  
The way they support the higher floors while building. They have to find a lot of straight trees. 
And talk about timing. I've been trying to take a picture of the Puppet Man for a couple of years, but have never seen him. He is very famous here in Mazatlan. And there he was getting ready to set out for the beach with his puppets for sale. Click here to read an article about him in the English paper here in Mazatlan. Give it a second to download and the story about him is on page 5. 
Getting all his puppets untangled and lined up.  
 Just an interesting old tile wall. The tiles are really faded now. 
Saw friend from the RV park having lunch at Poncho's. After visiting a bit we too decided to have lunch there. If you want they will make special salsa for you right at your table.  
While eating lunch we also got to watch the Barcelona soccer game on the restaurant's TV. So far this year they are unbeaten in their league.  Bill's back still bugging him so after eating we are home. Hopefully only two more nights here. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

So you finally saw the Puppet Man!

Carol and Bill said...

Guess I was looking in wrong place. Yep, every time we went to Lucky Bs I'd walk out to the beach to look for him.
When will you be here?