Saturday, January 6, 2018

Drone videos

Doing a whole lot of nothing with the town being so crowded. Everyone has gone home today. But getting some work done on RV so...more of nothing. 
A 360 look at Mazatlan as the Super Moon was coming up. Starts looking east and goes to south where the lighthouse can be seen flashing. West overlooking the shore line and then back around. There is no sound with the drone videos and no zoom function. 

The light house as the crow flies is almost 8 miles from us. By road it is closer to 11 1/2 miles. 

The last day of clean up around and behind us. After he finished these piles the shovel drove away. About half of each load missed the truck. 
This video is not from the drone, it is from our DashCam. It is not much to look at as we were stopped for a light. But turn your sound way up and listen. This was the day the air conditioning connection came loose and it sounded like we blew up. Actually there was an explosion but it didn't hurt any thing. There is traffic noise then a BANG then me asking "Did we just blow up?" The ding from the sensor and then the car engine slowly stopping. 

And that's all folks.

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