Thursday, January 18, 2018

Magic in the RV and I'm eating crow tonight.

OMG - I just happened to look up towards the dash of the RV and the screen of the not working camera/nav system was showing the time! What the? It hasn't worked since Arizona. So I pushed the menu button and the backup camera icon and it came on, pushed menu and touched the navigation icon and the system came up. No idea what happened. We have not touched anything near it. Will have to see what happens, especially when it comes time to move it to the paint shop. 
Today we picked up Mark and headed towards the Centro Historico. Much to our surprise some of the Carnaval decorations are going up on the Malecon. It doesn't seem like the sun is ever in the right place to get pictures of these. 
 The beginning of the Malecon at the Golden Zone. The decoration and the Mazatlan sign. 
 Another one a little further south. The theme of Carnaval this year is "PATA SALADA" which means "salty foot" or people who were born in Mazatlan. 
 Construction continues on the Malecon even on the south bound lanes. Working on the center divider
 Another decoration. Interesting. 
 From the other direction. 
 Switched to the northbound lanes. Only one lane open for southbound traffic. Northbound traffic is a few blocks away on the very busy Ejercito Mexciano
 Lots and lots of work going on. This is where the Carnaval parade usually is staged. It is less than four weeks away. 
 Getting narrower and narrower. 
 That figures. Now another detour of the detour. All lanes closed from here on. 
 Getting back over to the Malecon. Another Carnaval decoration I barely caught a pic of. 

 After parking our first stop was to buy cinnamon rolls. Then on to the Central Market. Checking out t-shirts. 
This aisle in the market was closed last week. They were pulling up the tile flooring. So now it is down to pebbled concrete. To be re-tiled?
Wow, last time we saw this building, last week, it was a pale yellow with white trim. Sure is colorful now. It is empty. Used to be a jewelry store. 
 The building next to it. It has eight bedrooms and five bathrooms. Huge living room. It was for sale. But last we heard it might be turned into a hotel. 
 Plazuela Machado decoration. Again sun is just in the wrong spot. 
 Lots of tourists out and about, a big cruise ship was in. We had lunch and then headed home. How many lanes are there on this street? Good question. 
 Driving back and forth is getting to be a real challenge. Next time I think we might take a taxi. Or if it ever warms up a pulmonia. Temps this week will be no higher than 75. Gets down into the 50s at night. I have to tell a story on myself. A couple of weeks ago we saw this shirt for sale. Notice the first "the" - it is "te".
Mark likes it and planned on buying one. But wondered about the misspelled word. Bill said that there were ones where the "the" was spelled correctly. I said with much conviction that they were all "te." I was positive
Well Mark went to vendor and sure enough there were both, ones spelled wrong and ones spelled right. So I'm eating crow tonight. I sure didn't see it. 


Mark said...

Well like I said Even a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut. Bill was not going too back down on him seeing the shirts being sold with the "H"

Carol and Bill said...

just rub it in!