Saturday, January 13, 2018

Ride and walk around Mazatlan

Success at last. Once The Navigator - me - looked at the map again and this time paid attention it was no problem finding the painter's shop. Both previous excursions I had The Driver - Bill - turn right when he should have gone straight. Dah! The blue line is the right line, I had him turn on the red line. No wonder we couldn't find the place. At least he just laughed.
Plenty of room to get the RV in here. Feel better now. 
From the shop we headed towards Centro to do a few errands. Leaving the painter's shop we passed this colorful barber shop. 
This place repairs cell phones and tablets. 
Nice old building in Benito Jaurez Colonia. Among other things it is a pawn shop. 
On Sundays there is a huge Tiangues - swap meet - here. Driving through it looks like some of the vendors keep their tents and booths in the street all the time. 
We knew how to get to Centro and were well on our way when we encountered this road block. Actually they were just blocking the street off because there was some kind of construction/work going on in the middle of the street. So we had to turn left - right dead ended in one block. Remember we no longer have a GPS. AND the navigation system/backup camera in the RV doesn't work either. 
Did manage to get back onto the street we wanted without too much problem. Still heading for Centro. This has something to do with the Harbor. But I don't remember what. 
Colorful restaurant we passed. Serves our friend John's favorite food Polozi.
Pink, green and yellow together. The pink building is a laundry. 
This is a flower shop, an artificial flower shop. 
Finally down into Centro. A busy traffic day. Both vehicles and people. 
Heading towards the parking lot on a very narrow street. The lot is where the gray SUV is turning in.
Our first stop was the optician shop. Bill had lost a nose piece off of his older favorite glasses. They'd have it fixed in 30 minutes. So off we went towards the watchmaker. Past the candy shop. These look like sunflower seeds being coated with candy sugar. 
The watchmaker was open! But the watches aren't ready. They will be ready on Tuesday for sure. Bill had told him he wasn't in a hurry to have them...but...2 months?
Flower pots are going up on all the new light fixtures along the streets in Centro. Very pretty. Hope someone takes care of them. 
Well we didn't make it back past the candy shop. Bill buying sugar coated nuts. 
Up to the main plaza More changes where the grass is now used to be part of the street. And a fruit vendor cart was always in this particular place. The shoe shiners and repairs are all still on the sidewalk. New light fixtures are in. The street has also been repaved. 
On into the Central Market. The other day I saw a blouse that I liked. So I was going to get it today. It had very pale thread embroidery. Otherwise exactly like this. Well I got this one. Not usually my style, with sleeves. But fell in love with it. 
It is entirely hand sewn including the seams. All hand embroidered. A close up of some of the embroidery.
The inside of the blouse. Lots and lots of hand work here. 
More repairing going on in the market. Lots of flooring being changed/repaired. 
Just outside that doorway. No idea what the rubble is from. But there is a lot of it. 
The guy with his back to us in the white boots works in one of the butcher shops in the market. His partner the other guy in white has a plastic bag full of meat of some kind. He just got it out of the back of a pick up truck from big coolers. 
The plaza is getting ready for Carnaval. It is early this year - February 8 to 13. There was a parade for the queen contestants last night. 
The stage was being set up.
Have to take a detour back to the RV park, can't go north on the Malecon now because of construction. Always like this mural. 
And that was our riding walking tour of Mazatlan yesterday. Today don't know what we'll do. 


Unknown said...

Great post Carol!! Cheers - Doug & Nancy

Carol and Bill said...

thank you, I try to find interesting things to post about.