Monday, January 22, 2018

Domestic Day

Another quite cool day here in Mazatlan. And guess who didn't bring any sweats this trip. Not me!
But I did enjoy the little heater this morning. Very overcast again today. 
We went to Torres for breakfast this morning, I'd been craving waffles and they have the best. Got some unhappy news while we were there. One of our favorite waiters, Paco, had been in an auto accident on his way to work. Car is totaled and he is pretty banged up. Nothing serious but wont be able to work for a while. We miss his smiling face and good nature. 
Went to WalMart before coming home and got some banana nut bread mix and some vegetables for dinner. Yep I plan on cooking dinner.
When we got home I decided to make chocolate nut cupcakes instead. I'd bought the mix and nuts a few weeks ago anticipating getting the tile for the oven. So a cool day, why not see how it works. All the stuff that had to come out of the oven.

While mixing the batter I turned the oven on to 450 as I didn't know if it would take longer to come up to temperature. Turned it down to 350 when I put the cupcakes in. The cupcake trays and the tile. Still need to find an oven thermometer. 
It works great. No charcoal bricketts this time. Just good perfectly done cupcakes. 
Just some this and that. Here is that stupid shirt with THE spelled correctly. Bill and Mark just had to show it to me. 

Don't know if I mentioned it or not but I got an email from the glass shop in Mazatlan and the glass to finish my window - the border of it finally came in. I was worried they didn't make it any more - so that is exciting.  Here is the window as it is now. The border glass is missing, goes where the white pattern is now showing. Can't wait to finish it. Thanks Chuck and Lee for getting it for me. See you in a couple of months. (on this picture you can see the paper pattern still under it through the glass.)

This is the finished window that is already up in my bathroom. The border doesn't really show up here but this is the only pic I have of it. It is a rippled variegated green glass. Yes, I changed the colors of the flowers. Same glass different flowers are red and it is a mirror image.
Earlier today, about an hour after I'd fed the birds Bill and I were in here with the screen door open and one of the black birds flew in. Thankfully he turned right around and flew back out. Need to keep that screen closed.
And I did fix dinner. Breaded chicken breast cooked in butter, olive oil and lime juice. Added lightly breaded sliced zucchini and roma tomatoes at the end. Threw in a little Italian seasoning. Turned out pretty darn good. And Bill did the clean up. 


Jackie McGuinness said...

Oh, poor Paco!

Carol and Bill said...

nothing broken, just bruised a lot. probably back to work in a week or two.