Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The rest of yesterdays wander through town

Back out on the Malecon we found some more of the Carnaval decorations. This one is Pata Salada - salty feet, the nickname for people from Mazatlan. 

This one is named Ready to Fight
 The other side of it. Had trouble getting good shots of these because of trees and power poles

Flight of the imagination
 They told me I am a drover - weird translation. 
 Wear Out Toro

 Up to the look out point looking towards the harbor entrance.
 Heading back towards home. A pull in the mirrors kind of street.
 Putting up structures for Carnaval along the Malecon. 
 Good grief another detour from the detour. Just when we think we will have smooth sailing another detour. Good thing Bill knows his way around town.
 Heading back to where we just were. More and more of the construction is completed every day. But there are only 9 days until Carnaval. Don/t think it will be finished for the parade.
 Watering the newly planted palm trees.
 Working hard to get it done. 
 Trees either waiting to be planted or just pulled up. 
The end of the road. All traffic is rerouted from here on. 
 Last night we watched the people loading trucks full of furniture and bedding. Can't blame them at the prices. 
 They could get good mattress sets for 150 pesos. This one I saw in the store today. 30% off and still 839 pesos
 This morning again we went to the painters. He has a pretty good sized shop. 

Polishing on side. 
 Still some work to do one the other. We should get it back sometime tomorrow.
 And so we have another night in the hotel. 

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