Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Back to Glacier National Park

As I mentioned yesterday we are in Hardin, MT. Town of about 4000. Sometimes I wonder why a town is where it is. Why to people continue to live there. We are staying at the Grandview Campground. Easy on and off of I-90. We have a pull through with full hook ups. It is not real level, glad we have levelers. The park's WiFi works until about 5:30 when everyone gets back to the park. Was going to do laundry but at $2.75 a load to wash and $3 to dry, it will keep. Bill also mentioned the shower rooms need a little TLC. 
Today we went to Little Bighorn National Monument, as opposed to Park. Know the difference? "The main difference is that National Parks are created through acts of congress and must be large enough for broad use by the public. National Parks should have inspirational, educational and recreational value. National Monuments, on the other hand, are made through declarations from the president and have historic, prehistoric, or scientific interest."  Took 298 pictures and some drone video. It will keep.
Back to Glacier National Park. After three days of drizzle and cold the sun came out our last day in Saint Mary's. It was a perfect day to take the Going to the Sun Highway. This blog will be heavy on pictures and short on narrative. [We took the highway the day before tragedy struck.] Heading down the hill from the campground towards Saint Mary's. 
 Just into the park. Golden Age Pass saved us another entrance fee. This is lower Saint Mary's Lake. 
 Just scenery from both sides of the road. Hard to know where to look.
 A glacier way over there. 
 More Glaciers and part of the area that had a big forest fire. 
 This might have been Jackson Glacier. Can't remember for sure. But I got the glacier part right. 

 See the rainbow almost missed it. This is a pretty waterfall. 
 Through the first of two tunnels. 
 The flowers blooming were amazing. So many different types and colors. 
A small pull out so people can enjoy the view. No room on the right to pull over. 
 Logan Pass. We didn't stop at the Visitors Center there as the parking lot was full to overflowing. Then we start downhill. 
 A good look at a glacier. 
 OMG! Look at that. What a sight. So pretty, the clouds below us. Took lots and lots of pictures of it it was so pretty. 

 See the little car pulled over in a very small niche. Also notice how narrow the road is. It gets narrower on a ways. 
 Breath taking.
 Hum...getting closer to the road. I still hadn't thought about what was about to happen. Duh.
 Straight up one side, straight down on the other. 
 Oops - is that some of that cloud on the road?
The views were still spectacular. 
 Going around the Weeping Wall. It was splashing enough that it wet the windows. 

 Now trees instead of rock on my side. 
 Makes you wonder what some people are thinking, or if they think at all.
 Oh, Oh. The road is now heading into the pretty cloud. Not so pretty any more. 
Good thing I wasn't the driver - we would have immediately stopped moving. I did become very quiet though, no distracting the driver.
 Here comes a car, glad his lights are on. 
It got heavier than this as we went lower. 
So I will leave us driving through the clouds - will try to sort more pictures from Glacier for tomorrow.
But tomorrow we will be at Devil's Tower Wyoming. More picture taking opportunities. Getting further and further behind. 
BTW thank you everyone for your input about the blog. I like the bigger pictures - in data size they are small enough to load okay. 


Dirk said...

I just love every time you post. I really enjoy it. Thank you

Carol and Bill said...

Hi there, havent heard from you for a while. Glad you are still reading. Thanks.