Thursday, August 22, 2019

Now in Spearfish, SD

I present you with peace. Turn your sound on. 
Well more and more behind...Now I've added Devils Tower and Spearfish Canyon to the list of things we've done or seen and need want to share. Total about 1000 pictures!  No I won't make you look at all of them. 
Today I got in 6700 steps. Walked down to see a waterfall - not the one in the first video, of course, I had to walk BACK UP! Here's the one I walked down to. Sorry about the little girl yelling in the background. 
Tomorrow afternoon it is supposed to rain, so maybe I'll get something done. But we have tomorrow morning to do something else to write about. AND there is a classic car show in Deadwood this weekend. More pictures!


SandyM said...

Beautiful - thanks for sharing

anita said...

Oh, we were just there. Wish I would have known, maybe could have met.

Carol and Bill said...

just wanted something peaceful to post.

Carol and Bill said...

don't know what direction your are heading but we are going south first to Hill City, SD then to Fort Laramie, WY Then either colorado or Utah