Monday, August 12, 2019

Yellowstone's Lamar Valley

Today, Monday, the sun is out so we will be spending our day in Glacier Park. Just admiring the views. And taking pictures! 
Last Tuesday morning we were up bright and early to take the drive to the Lamar Valley to see animals.  And we did see animals. Actually the road is the Northeastern entrance to Yellowstone. We did not go all the ways to the entrance though. 
What a beautiful place, no wonder the animals hang out here. Rolling hills and lots of water and grass/bushes.
 A creek or two and lots of ponds here and there. 
 A buffalo herd. The first of many that we saw. These guys were quite a ways from the road at the foot of the hills.
 The car in front of us slowed and stopped then we saw why. A beautiful Prong horned antelope walking towards the road. He crossed right in front of us. 
 Another herd this one closer to the road. 
When they are walking down the road nothing disturbs them. We followed him for quite a ways. Of course cars were backing up behind us, when the honking started we moved way over and passed him. He didn't even look at us. 

More buffalo - lots and lots of young ones. They are so ugly they are cute. 

Just crossed the road. I took lots and lots of pictures of the beasts - but only sharing a few. Trying to save my data!
 They are so big! and snorting all the time. 
A river - some reflection of the trees and sky.  This valley is not like the south western portion of the park with all the geysers. Here it is more peaceful and quiet. 
 One of the few signs of the turmoil under Yellowstone.

 Just scenery.  
 Oh my gosh, look what we found. It is a little blurry cause he was a ways from the road across a river. He/she would walk a ways and then stop and eat something. Put on a good show. 

 More buffalo, right next to the road. So of course we had to stop and gawk. 
 Some head banging going on. Lots of grunts too. 
 He was crossing in front of us giving us dirty looks. Maybe thinking - hum..what would they do if I butted their car?
 Mama and baby.
A nice family unit. Want to pet them?
I hope he changes direction. Nice flower over his ear. 

We'd spent quite a bit of time wandering this highway. Time to head back to RV.  The Mammoth Hot Springs near the North Entrance.
 A deer grazing in front of a house in Gardiner. 
 Just thought the hollyhocks were really pretty. 
The following day we went back into the park to head to the Norris Geyser Basin and Old Faithful. Will get to that eventually.


SandyM said...

The buffalo are massive - the heads are so big!

Carol and Bill said...

You don't realize how big until they are next to your car!