Thursday, August 15, 2019

Saint Mary's, Montana

Saturday the 10th we left Choteau for Saint Mary's,Montana. We made it there without incident. But it was not a pleasant drive. When we got up it was raining in Choteau and watching the weather channels it looked like it would just get worse. Only about 113 miles and it never stopped drizzling the whole way. NO photos. And it was cold. We stayed at Johnson's RV Park. A very nice park with the sites on top of a hill. Views would have been beautiful if we could see them. When we made the reservations the campground sent us a heads up about the way to drive to Saint Mary's. They told us to take the blue route through the Blackfoot Reservation. The red route is up over a mountain and the road is undergoing a lot of construction. Blue route only 13 miles longer but much easier to drive. 
Our view from the RV the first two days we were there. The clouds never lifted. Almost like being in front of a photograph. 
 We had only made reservations for two days - Saturday and Sunday. We extended our time two more days - Monday and Tuesday. Finally Tuesday was a perfect day and we took the Going to the Sun Road. That will be several blogs.
We did go out and about some on Saturday and Sunday and Monday. We left Vegas to find cooler weather but this is a little cooler than we expected! 
 We went barely into the park to the Visitors Center. Sure glad we have that Golden Age Pass. Lots of $35 it has saved us.  
 I loved this, took lots of pictures of it. It is a quilt! Beautiful. 
 The picture looks weird as the air was full of a very fine mist. Looking towards Glacier NP. 
 Then we took a short ride up to the Upper Saint Mary's Lake - so many flowers growing all over. 
 Going south out of town we discovered this great tribute to the Indians who lived/live here.  

 Two different tepees. 

 Interesting information.

 Another look at the man on the horse. As I walked around it I noticed his eyes followed me. The head is hollow...
 You can see through his eyes and as you walked around him it seemed the eyes moved. Amazing piece.
Heading back up the hill to the campground.
 Thought this was cute. The campground has full hook up and pull throughs. Beautiful views. No WiFi though and the only cell service that works is Verizon - thank goodness.  
Looking down in the valley from the RV park. 

On Monday we took a short drive in the park up to Logan Pass. But weather was still dark and cold. A map of Glacier. Such a beautiful place. The line going across the park is the Going to the Sun Road. 
So more on the area and the park next blog. We are now back in Choteau. Today we'll be heading south through Great Falls to White Sulphur Springs where we'll stay for four days. And I will continue trying to catch up. 
Oh my gosh this happened the day after we were there. "Glacier National Park death: Utah teen killed by falling rocks during family vacation." The article 
Thunder and lightening and heavy rain and wind here last night. Today looks beautiful, lots of sun no clouds. Heading south soon. 

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SandyM said...

Some very nice photos - and really sad about the death that occurred on the Going-to-the Sun Road. We, too, stayed at Johnson's RV Park right in one of the top rows a few years ago. Beautiful area.