Sunday, August 11, 2019

Driving RV through Yellowstone on the Grand Loop

A little catching up. Going back to Sunday when we were driving the RV on the eastern side of Yellowstone's Grand Loop. From the south end of the park to the North Entrance. I wrote about part of the drive a couple of posts ago. So where I left off. There was a big pull over so we stopped here.
We could really smell the sulphur. 
 The sound was glub, glub, glub.
 This looked like split pea soup.  
As I was heading back towards the RV I heard a man yelling, "Stay behind your vehicles. Buffalo on road. STAY BEHIND YOUR VEHICLES. DO NOT COME ON ROAD."  As I continued walking towards the back of the RV I heard a weird noise. Turned around and about dropped my teeth. The buffalo had come around the front of the RV. Didn't take me long to get inside and close the door. They are BIG!
 Just a short video of the bubbling and burping.

Continuing the drive north we passed several area that had been burned sometime in the past. Lots of dear trees still standing. 
 Going down hill quickly. 
 Sure ope the rest of that mountain doesn't decide to crumble now.
 Looking at the river WAY down there in the valley. 
 Just a pretty reflection. 
 At the Visitor Center of the North Entrance, he was just munching away. 
The only half way decent picture I got of the Roosevelt Arch. This is the back of it.  We did enter through it one morning but sun was wrong to get a picture. The Arch serves as the northern entrance to Yellowstone National Park. It is named after President Theodore Roosevelt, who laid the cornerstone of its construction in a grand opening ceremony in 1903. On the front side is an inscription that reads "For the Benefit and Enjoyment of the People." 
Went to the campground, out to eat lunch and then to grocery store. Rested rest of day. The next morning early we headed to the Lamar Valley part of Yellowstone. It is where all the animals hang out. 
The day after that we went to Old Faithful. Pictures and blogs from those days will show up eventually. Right now I'm still trying to catch up to where we are.
So where are we? We are in very dreary and cold Saint Mary's MT. Right at the East entrance to Glacier Park. When we woke up yesterday morning it was foggy and sprinkling. Watching the weather channels we discovered much to our dismay that the weather where we were going was going to be crappy for two day - the two days we would be there. And of course we'd already reserved and paid for a campground there. And they have a NO refund policy. The actual really bad weather was just south of us and heading north so we decided to head to St Mary's any way. I called the campground and they told me we could come anytime as the site we reserved was empty. Off we went. Good roads all the way. We took the blue route as the campground people told me not to take 89 over the mountain as there was a lot of construction on it. only 13 miles longer the way we went and mostly flat straight road.
The sun never came out. But neither did the heavy rain show up. Just foggy and misty enough to use the windshield wipers off and on. So no pictures of that trip. We are staying in the Johnson's RV park. It is up on top of a hill, there should be a nice view but too much fog and low clouds to see very far. No going into the park today to drive the Going to the Sun Road. Would not be fun with all the twists and turns and no view. But when checking in I managed to snag another two days here. We'll have to change camping spots tomorrow morning, but at least the sun is supposed to be out. I hope! Right now at 9:00 a.m. the sun is trying to come out. A tiny bit of blue sky. No park WiFi but our Verizon seems to be working fine. 
Hopefully we'll get out and about the little town some today. Afternoon and the sun has finally come out here around Glacier. 

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